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How To Install Epoxy Flooring In Simple Steps


Epoxy flooring has been used for many years in commercial settings. This is because it is very tough, you can drop items on it without damaging it and, with the right cleaning and maintenance, it will last for years.  Recently, homeowners have caught onto how effective epoxy floor coatings can be in the home. They are available in a huge array of colors and styles, ensuring you have the perfect floor for your interior design.


The good news is that, although it is preferable to let the experts install the floor, it is possible to do it yourself.

Your Underfloor

The key to a good epoxy flooring is the underfloor. This should be concrete and needs to be as perfect as possible. Just like how blemishes on your wall show up more when painted, the blemishes on your floor may be more visible after the epoxy is added.

You need to get the concrete level and smooth. It is also important to clean it thoroughly after it has dried. This removes the dust and debris that taints the epoxy finish.

Wet the Floor

The entire floor needs to be wet, it is easiest to use a hose and then scrub the floor thoroughly, including all the edges and corners. You should use a degreaser when doing this to ensure all grease is removed, it will prevent the epoxy from sticking properly.


Acid-etching is a special mixture consisting of twelve ounces of muriatic acid and fifteen cups of water. Once mixed, you can spread it evenly over the floor with the watering can sprinkler. The floor will then need to be scrubbed with a stiff brush for ten minutes. You will then need to rinse it three or four times to remove all traces of the degreaser and leave it to dry overnight.

This is known as etching the floor, effectively creating a surface for the epoxy to stick to.

Adding The Epoxy

It is surprisingly simple! You will need a roller and a long handle. Prepare your epoxy in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and then roll it onto the floor. Start at the furthest corner from you and work backward to the door.

You can then leave it to dry, this process takes at least twelve hours during which time no one should be allowed to go into the space. Unfortunately, that is not the end of it. You will need to apply a second and a third coat. This will give you the best possible finish but it does mean the room you are flooring cannot be used for several days

Final Thoughts

Think about this carefully before you start as you do not want to walk over your epoxy flooring while it is drying. You will need to plan the application timing to ensure you get the job done with as little disrupting as possible. This is especially true if you are doing a room in your house, such as the kitchen.


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