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12 Container Herb Gardens


Have you ever wanted to grow herbs but just didn’t know where to start or didn’t think you had space?

I have 12 ideas and inspiration for you with containers varying from pots, buckets, wood crates and more.

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Step 1

Pick your container.  

It can be an old or new bucket, flower pot or wooden crate, anything you find that you think will hold soil and has room for plants.

Step 2

Choose the herbs you like cooking with…..basil, parsley, mint, cilantro, rosemary or oregano, are just a few to pick from.  

Oh my, the smell of fresh oregano is divine.

Step 3

Make sure your container has good drainage….you may need to add holes. Put a layer of rocks in the bottom of the container over the holes to aid in water draining correctly.

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Step 4

Add potting soil and plants.

Herb Container Garden
Herb container garden. Have herbs right at your fingertips to add to your delicious recipes.

Step 5

Water plants after planting.

Remember that herbs need lots of sun and you must check them each day for watering needs.

Containers tend to dry out quickly.

Also keep in mind that some herbs like it on the dryer side than others, for example Rosemary likes their soil rather dry where parsley and cilantro like a little more moisture.  

Just read your labels for care instructions when you make your purchase.Like it Pin it


Lastly. USE your herbs.  

They will grow better and bush out by you pinching off portions to use in your cooking.

Enjoy your harvest!

Inspiration ideas & projects via HomeTalk.  Check out the Container Herb Garden Board ideas I clipped at to get all the tips.

Thanks for stopping by!!!  Happy Gardening.

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    April 22, 2015 / 1:19 pm

    Thanks for this great information and I am here from your email and the giveaway as well. Thanks

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    This is a good one for all. I read your all informative ideas and gardening tips. I really follow your all ideas and appreciate your all informative info. Nathan

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