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Basket Upstyled



Hi Friends……..If you are like me you are always looking for ways to organize and remove clutter and make your home look neat & clean while still having things you need within reach.



A few days ago I was at Dollar General I came across these plain, but nice looking cloth baskets.  

I was looking for items that would help me organize and declutter my dining room shelving.


I bought 4 of the baskets, which are very budget friendly and away I went.

Once home I remembered the wood numbers I had made.

Here is the wood numbers tutorial .   

I wanted to keep the look simple but with a little more piazza.


I attached the number tags with the twine.

 I think these would also look really cute with the numbers glued directly to the basket.


I use the baskets for storage of seasonal items and also magazines.

It would work well to assign each family member their own basket for the little items they wanted to keep handy.

Here is a look of the baskets on the shelf.

That is it.  Easy, fast way to organize shelves and have a place for your items.  Do you use baskets for storage?

I found similar baskets that priced well on Amazon, if you are having trouble locating some.


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