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Creating A Garden Wildlife Will Love


It is a sad fact that many different animals have lost their habitat. In part due to construction and building works, in other to global warming. Natural habitats like ponds, fields, and wooded areas have declined. This leaves many little natural wonders lost and in need of somewhere safe to stay or visit. 

You can make a big difference to the local wildlife by making a few simple changes in your garden. The great thing is that it doesn’t usually take much time or a lot of space to make these changes. 

Insect Hotel

These are a lot of fun to make with the kids. Although you can buy complete kits to make your insect hotel. Different books and small animals can use the shelter for protection, doing harsh winter conditions, or rain. You can build your own birdhouse using leaves, stones, and twigs, it’s all about how you piled it up.


If you have a wonderful shady spot in the garden, you might consider adding a pond. It doesn’t matter what size pond you choose, they’ll all be highly valued by the local wildlife, and by you too. If you don’t really want to make space for a large pond, you can make a small pond area in the garden simply by being a bucket of water. 

You can also invest some money and create something beautiful, which is a feature for your garden as well as great for the local wildlife. If you intend to have some plants and fish you’ll need to ensure your pond is healthy. You can purchase Shinmaywa pond pumps that can help you maintain the health of your pond. 

And a great tip is to add water Lilies as this can prevent the pond from becoming stagnant.


Birds play an essential part in your ecosystem. So you can encourage him to thrive by providing them with safe spaces. Birdhouses, bird food, and birdbaths can make sure that your garden is ideal for our little feathered friends. 

Try to make sure that your bed bath and bed houses are up high on fences or in trees; this will prevent foxes and cats from attacking the box.


Most of us have quite a lot of food waste on a daily basis. Creating your own compost bin is an excellent way to help you put that food waste to good use. You can also use things like newspaper, cardboard, and other recyclable materials. 

It should be noted that not all food is suitable to put into your compost bin there. For example, meat and bones typically will attract animals you might not want in your garden.

Final Thoughts

Your outdoor space can be the perfect home for your local wildlife. Even planting a range of wildflowers will encourage pollinators like butterflies and bees to come into your garden. And it’s not just great for wildlife, it’s great for you too. Watching birds and other wildlife come in and out of your garden can be quite relaxing.



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