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Turning Your Garage Into A Livable Space in 5 Simple Steps


As house prices continue to skyrocket throughout the US, it has become increasingly difficult for families to find viable options to upgrade their living space. Luckily, most families in the US can take advantage of their garage to extend their home’s square footage, create additional livable space, and optimize their home’s market value. 

In this quick start guide, you’ll learn how to make your garage more functional and turn an underused space in your home into a more enjoyable space for your whole family. Let’s dive in!

Start by Clearing Out Your Garage

According to a survey commissioned by the Wall Street Journal, over 93% of households with a garage in their home use this area as a storage space. Although doing so might be an option for families living in a small space, your garage can be used in a much more valuable way!

That is why the first step to making the most of your garage space is to clear it out – and, possibly, rent out storage space to keep your most valuable items safe! When clearing out your garage, consider organizing a yard sale or donating to a local charity shop. 


Update Your Garage Doors and Insulation

The next step to making your garage more livable is to invest in high-quality insulation systems and garage doors. This is crucial to maintain the indoor temperature well-balanced throughout hot summers and cold winters, thus allowing you and your family to make the most of your garage throughout the year. 

If you are not sure how to get started with this important part of the project, consider getting in touch with a Local Garage Door Company.

Have a Clear Vision of What You Wish Your Garage To Become

Once your garage is cleared and insulated, it is time to make a plan and build your vision for what you wish to turn your garage into. Depending on how your lifestyle has changed over the past years, you might consider the benefits of transforming your garage into a home office or building a personal gym or fitness space. 

Having a clear idea of what the end result should be can help you plan out your space, especially in terms of lighting, comfort levels, and design. 

Invest in High-Quality Equipment

If you already have an idea of what kind of livable space you wish your garage to be, it might be time to invest in the right equipment. If you are operating on a budget, it might be tempting to opt for low-quality equipment and materials. 

However, this can seriously compromise the livability of your garage. For example, the wrong flooring option or inadequate lighting can make it impossible for you to spend more than a few hours in your new space!

Instead, consider cutting your expenses by opting for high-quality, second-hand equipment and materials. Don’t forget to check local platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and eBay. 

Keep Up With a Maintenance Schedule

Once your project is completed, make sure to maintain your garage in the best shape by planning out a maintenance schedule! This simple strategy can prevent you from accumulating items in the garage and can keep your new home office or private gym functional in the long term. 



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