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Top Techniques To Help You Choose Water Over Sugary Drinks


Water is good for you. Scientists recommend you drink approximately eight large glasses of water a day. Of course, this is only a guide, your metabolism and level of exercise will dictate how much you need to drink. But, what is crucial to note is that water is essential to the human body.

After all, you are approximately 60% water. However, you don’t have to drink plain water to get water into your body. Water is present in tea, coffee, sugary drinks, and even alcohol.  This means you can argue that drinking eight cans of soda a day will count as your water consumption.

Unfortunately, that is not the best of ideas.

The Problem With Sugary Drinks

Water is relatively pure as it is treated before it comes to you. However, sugary drinks are packed with sugars and an array of artificial ingredients. It makes them taste fantastic but the sugar is bad for your teeth and your waistline.

Sugary drinks are a big factor in the increasing levels of obesity seen around the globe. Of course, they taste great and are easy to get hold off. Most stores and workplaces have drinks machines, allowing you to enjoy your favorite sugary drink at any time of the day or night.

It can be hard to ignore that and choose water. But, it is possible.


Change The Flavor

Water generally has a slight tang which can put people off drinking it. This is a result of the chemicals added during the treatment process. You can get water purifiers that will remove these chemicals and any other contaminants. It is amazing how much difference this makes to the taste of the water.

When it tastes better you are more likely to drink it.

Carry Water With You

When you feel thirsty you will look for a store or vending machine in order to get something that will hydrate you. It is rare to reach for the water when there are so many more attractive options.

However, if you carry a bottle of water with you then you don’t need to be tempted in a shop, you already have a drink with you.


Ask For A Water Fountain At Work

Alongside the soda machines, you can ask your employer to put in a water fountain. This will allow you to hang around with everyone else at the machines but you will be drinking water. Simply choose not to bring money with you and water will be the only choice.

As with most things, it is all about habit. Once you have chosen water over sugary drinks on several occasions you will find it easier to continue the trend.

Add Fruit

If you are struggling with just water then create a bottle of water at home and add a slice of lemon or your preferred fruit. It will give your water a pleasant tang without depriving you of the health benefits. It is still significantly more healthy than sugary drinks!





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