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Tips For Stylish Interior Design

Photo by Collov Home Design

If you are thinking of a serious revamp with your interior, there are indeed many options; depending on your style preferences. Some people like a rural theme, while others are drawn to a modern, futuristic look. You might want to mix the old with the new by adding a few antique pieces, or perhaps experiment with glass, which can be used in many ways to enhance the appearance in the home.


Here are a few tips to give you some inspiration with your interior design concept.

  • Textures & Colors

You can buy color cement from Seejorakay, a leading Thai paint and protective coating supplier with the best brands at the lowest prices. Using special hand tools, you can create great patterns for walls and they can mix any color you choose.

  • Think Bespoke

Think made to measure, especially with wardrobes and kitchen cabinets, or indeed, any storage space that you might need. A walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom is the pinnacle of luxury and modern living and if you would like a free quote, search online for a local carpenter & joiner, who is more than capable of building made to measure furniture and fittings. 


  • Stained Glass 

You might not be aware that special glaziers can install a stunning stained-glass feature, which doesn’t have to be a window. Search online for a specialist glazier and they would be happy to show you some of the stunning projects they have completed in the last.

  • Concrete 

The days when concrete had to be grey are long gone and today, you can order ready-mixed concrete in any shade you please, while there are suppliers of color cement, paint and protective coatings that can be found with an online search. Polished concrete floors are stunning and very hardwearing and with a Google Image search, you can view a range of concrete floors. Here are a few tips if you think you have pests in your home.

  • Luxury Vinyl Flooring

This is a composite flooring material that simply ticks all the boxes from the homeowner’s perspective; stunning finishes in stone, slate and timber offer a range of options. There is a hi-res digital image placed under the outer protective layer and it looks like the real thing. You can have the look and feel of real timber without the high cost and luxury vinyl is very durable and can be used in wet rooms.

  • Online Inspiration

If you are looking for some interior design inspiration, search with Google Images and you can view a wide range of designs that might give you an idea. Failing that, why not download a free interior design mobile app and create a special room? There are computer programs specifically for interior design and layout and they can help you experiment with various color schemes. And here are articles about ideas for simple garden makeovers if you are interested in.


If you are an avid DIY enthusiast, you can save a lot of money when carrying out home improvements, as labor costs are very high. Prior to planning any trips in Thailand, make sure that you check regarding the current Covid-19 situation, as things can change very quickly.


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