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Tips for a Stress-Free Move

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When it comes to selling property, the next step is always you moving to a new place. Moving home is often more stressful and challenging than selling your home as it involves you packing up and moving your life. For those moving soon or needing tips for future home moves, here’s more. 

Use a moving company

Using a moving company will help reduce the stress of moving home. They will help you pack up your goods, take care of expensive belongings, and transport it to the new home. It can be a huge challenge moving stuff yourself. Thus, letting experts do it for you means you can focus on other areas of the move such as moving the bills. 

Before moving, it can help to declutter your home. The less stuff you have to pack up and take with you, the less stressful moving into the new home will be. 

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Moving the bills

Speaking of moving over the bills, this is a key step for moving home. If you forget to do so, you could end up paying twice. 

You should do this before you move and ask your providers to switch the bill on your move-in date. You should move over every bill and then cancel any afterwards that you no longer need. If you feel that you are paying too much, then it can benefit you from switching providers. Or, you could ask your current provider for a discount for your long and loyal service. 

Set a move date

If you are moving, it will help to have a set move date so that you know when the big and final day is. Without a moving date, the process could take much longer than it needs to.

When you have a move date, you will have something to aim for. You will also know when the final day in your current home is so that you can ensure everything is moved out before then.

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Create the first-night-in-the-new-home kit

When you move into the new home, you will likely not have unpacked everything. You may misplace your essentials. Instead of spending hours and getting stressed trying to find your toiletries and things you need for the first night or two, you could make a kit full of the essentials.

Having a kit of essentials will mean that you have everything you need and know where it is. 


Packing labels

Speaking of misplacing your belongings, it will help to clearly label each box with what’s inside. This will make the unpacking process easier. 

You could label each box by room or by use. For instance, if you have a box full of equipment for the kitchen, labelling it with ‘kitchen’ will help you set down and unpack the box in the right room.

Final Thoughts

When you move home, utilizing these simple steps will make the move less stressful. Simply choosing a set moving date and being organized with your packing might be what you need to make the move as smooth and successful as possible.



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