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Telltale Signs Its Time To Sell Up


As humans, we like to settle down, make a nest, and enjoy our local surroundings. But sometimes, we find that we’re stagnating. We want to believe we’re moving forwards. But we know that unless we stir the pot, we’re going to remain in the same place for our entire lives. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the tell tale signs it’s time to sell your existing property and move on with your life.


You No Longer Have Social Connections Where You Live

If we want to live well, we need social connections with the people around us. If we don’t have them, then it can make us feel isolated and alone. Having friends is part and parcel of living a good life. 

However, as life goes on, most people eventually move away for one reason or another. And that can often leave you on your own. 

Just because you no longer have any friends in the area doesn’t mean you have to move away. However, it can be something that nudges you in that direction. 

It’s Not Working Out

Many people put up ads at the Doug Hopkins website for their properties when things just aren’t “working” for them. Sometimes, you can move to an area with high hopes, only to discover that it’s not really what you wanted. You thought that it would lead to a higher quality of life. But to your dismay, you realize that living expenses are too high or there isn’t enough open space. 

When things “aren’t working,” it’s time to cut your losses and move on. Tell yourself this: It was an experiment, it didn’t work out, and that’s fine. 

You Don’t Have Any Roots

Putting down roots is something that we naturally do when we find a location we would like to live. But sometimes, we just don’t feel a connection to an area. And that means that you never invest in it. 

For example, you might think you’re buying the house of your dreams. But after living in it for many years, you realize that you never put any money into refurbishing it. If that’s the case, then you probably aren’t committed to the area and should probably move on with your life. 

You Dream About A Different Lifestyle

You may also feel unfulfilled in your current location and want to move to an area that sits better with your personality. For example, many people move to cities in pursuit of higher-paying careers, only to find that they hate city life and wish they were some other place. 

Similarly, you might have a bolt hole in the country. But if it miles away from the things you love, like the theatre, you’re not going to enjoy the lifestyle. 

The Universe Gives You Signs

Finally, you might be getting signs from the universe that it’s time to move. For example, you might notice new job opportunities out of state. Or family members might all be migrating to different parts of the country. When this happens, it can be a catalyst for you to move too. 


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