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Has Someone Broken Into Your Home? Follow These 5 Steps


Burglary incidents are common nowadays. It is advisable to take all the necessary safety measures to secure your home

Have you ever thought of what you would do if you were a victim of a burglary incidence?

The majority of Americans are not aware of how to respond to a break-in. If you are among this group, keep reading to learn a few things you should do if someone breaks into your home. 


5 Steps to Follow After a Break-In 

  Call the Police

Immediately a burglary incident happens, you should notify the police. Make that call as fast as possible and insist on urgency. Calling the police as soon as possible increases the chances of the police catching the criminals. 

When making the call, avoid being too detailed – the police will gather more detailed information later. Your goal should be to make sure that the police get to the scene immediately.

  Note Down Everything

When found in a crisis, the chances are high that your memories and mind will not function normally. Usually, elevated stress hormones will affect your ability to create new memories, making it quite challenging to remember everything you saw. 

Ensure that you record everything that happened during the incident. It is advisable to make notes because when you contact the toughest injury attorneys in town, they will need a clear account of what happened before, during, and after the incident. Note down everything you think might help with the case. 


  Take Pictures

While taking notes can help you remember everything that happened during a break-in, photos are more helpful. The visual clues will be helpful to your insurer and law enforcement officers. If you can, take enough pictures of all the areas where something was taken, the area the burglars used when entering the house. 

If your locks, fences, and doors were damaged during the incident, capture them in clear photographs. Make sure that you don’t touch or move anything unless a law enforcement officer instructs you.

  Record a Statement 

After the law enforcement officers arrive, they will want you to file a police report. Such a report is considered as the official record of the incidence, so you need to ensure that it is done as quickly and as accurately as possible.  

After filing the report, you will be issued with a report number. This number is essential during other stages of the investigation process so, make sure you keep it well. 

  Notify Your Insurer

The last step is to notify your insurer about the burglary incident at your home. You inform them through an official insurance claim. This is one of the areas where the number issued when you recorded the statement becomes useful. 

Provide any many details as possible to the insurer when making a claim. You can include old photos of your house alongside the new ones showing the current state to make your claim stronger. Such details help the insurer determine whether there is a reason you should be compensated.  

Final Thoughts

Break-in can happen anytime. So, make sure that you have secured your house to prevent making it easy for burglars to enter. However, in case you are burgled, follow the simple steps above to report the incident. 




  1. James Worthy
    April 4, 2021 / 5:03 am

    Calling the police and filing a report puts the incident on record, which is necessary for both insurance claims and if you ever want to potentially find the thief(s) and retrieve your belongings.If you are not in the house when you discover it has been robbed, do not go into your home to make the phone call. Also do not touch anything in your home before the police arrive, as you may destroy key evidence the police need for finding and potentially prosecuting the burglar(s). When the police arrive, make a complete list of all items that have been taken, including a thorough description and the approximate value of each. Concrete Contractors Colorado Springs Co

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