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Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Bug-Free and Pet Friendly


According to the recent studies of the Entomological Society of America, there are at least 1 billion insects per person on earth. And although most of them aren’t dangerous, they usually cause annoyance and problems we experience throughout the day.

It’s easy to say that we can keep the house bug-free using common sprays and traps, but for pet parents, dealing with bugs can be pretty challenging, especially when your pet’s health comes into play. Fortunately, we have ways to effectively dispose of these nasty bugs without compromising your pet’s safety. And here are some of them.


Observe Their Nests and Living Spaces Outside

Bugs don’t appear in homes without reason; usually, it’s because of excessive waste and uncleanliness that makes them live near you. Look for signs and areas that they usually appear in and start from there.

For example, ant colonies usually send out a small number of ants around your home. These are their scouts, and they are tasked to find suitable spaces for their colony to expand. You can easily trace them back to their colony in the form of trash, old logs, or boxes, which you can either dispose of or burn safely.

Additionally, your outside environment matters too; clean out your backyards by removing stagnant puddles, trash, and you might as well start giving your lawn a good clean. Not only does this effectively remove any opportunities for bugs to breed in your area, but it also gives your yard a fresh and clean appearance.

Killing Bugs Using Diatomaceous Earth

Cockroaches are some of the commonly found pests in every household that has damp and dark areas. While there are traps and poisons available for them, not every product is pet-friendly.

Diatomaceous Earth, or DE,  is a substance heavily composed of silica. As a food-grade variant, DE is pet-friendly and non-toxic when accidentally consumed. As a pest-killer, however, this can be versatile and used in multiple ways.

The easiest method of using DE is mixing it with sugar then placing them in dark corners or places where bugs usually appear. You can also place it aggressively right above their breeding grounds. Websites like shows us how to do it safely and strategically, so it is a good tip to check them out before using DE. When used effectively, DE can kill massive numbers of insects by quickly dehydrating them.

Because of its powdered form, DE can be passed through from insect to insect, effectively killing most bugs in your house. Overall, DE is an effective method of killing bugs without the danger of getting your pets sick.

Using Beneficial Bugs

While this article aims to help homeowners remove bugs, we can deny that this method is as effective as the ones mentioned earlier. Beneficial bugs are a group of species that do not consume or destroy nearby plant life and pets while keeping dangerous bugs at bay.

If you’re currently taking care of a home garden, using ladybugs can assist you in killing aphids and other bugs that could potentially invade your home. Additionally, specific nematode species are designed to repel fleas, ants, and mites once released into your yard.

Beautify Your Garden With Bug-Free Plants

Here’s a tip that will keep bugs away and make your house look better. Some plant species contain enzymes that naturally repel bugs, and these plants can easily be cultivated and bought in stores!

Plants like Basil, Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint are pet-friendly plants naturally designed to ward off unwanted bugs; they also play the kitchen as good ingredients in most recipes. If you’re planning to have your garden bug-free, then start planting them all and see the results.

Clean Your House

Nothing repels bugs as effectively as thoroughly cleaning your living space. Most bugs live in areas that are damp, dark, and filthy. At least once in a while, thoroughly clean your home by rearranging shelved items, removing old liquids and dust off attics and hard-to-reach corners.

Additionally, you can spot neglected and forgotten damages that you can quickly repair, especially water leaks and holes. These create a perfect damp and dark breeding ground for most household bugs. Purge them out using Diatomaceous Earth mixed with water in a spray bottle at daily intervals to kill the bugs and make the place uninhabitable while keeping your pets safe.

In Conclusion

As we now know, there are a lot of bugs that invade households and disrupt your peace. Thankfully, there are multiple methods we can use to keep them away. But nothing kills them as effectively as regularly cleaning up your house, organizing shelves, and removing trash. Should you resort to using a pest-killing product, make sure that they are pet-friendly and only harmful to bugs.


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