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Simple Tricks To Keep Your Garden Blooming This Summer


Spring and summer is the time when our gardens start to come to life and bloom with color and life. From the early spring, you will want to get back into your garden and start making some progress to ensure it looks its best. If you are a new homeowner or simply new to gardening; it is time for you to learn some of the tricks you can use to help keep your garden looking beautiful and blooming all summer long. 


Today we are going to take a look at a few of the different things you can do to make your garden bloom bright and colorful all summer long and to keep your plants looking their best. Here are some of our tips for ensuring that your garden is able to bloom beautifully all summer.

Trim off dead branches

The first thing you can do if you have trees or large shrubs in your garden is trim their branches when they start to wilt or die. By doing this, you will promote new healthy growth in your plants and you will also keep the trees and shrubs looking tidy and beautiful. You can also consider hiring a professional such as Brents Tree Service if you are unsure what to do and they will be able to trim and shape your trees as well as get rid of trees if there are any that are taking away from your sunlight or overtaking your beds. 

Water often 

When managing a garden with flowers, it is important to remember to water your plants often, particularly in the height of summer. Watering your plants is incredibly important and it will allow them to stay strong and prevent them drying out or wilting. Make sure if you have features such as pots or hanging baskets that you water these often as they tend to dry out more quickly than your flowerbeds. 

Ensure proper drainage 

One other thing to note if you plant your flowers in pots is to ensure they have drainage holes. As much as plants need to be watered; if you over water them and the water is unable to drain away; the roots can start to rot and this will drown your plant. Ensure when you buy pots from the garden center that they have drainage holes in them and for certain plants such as alpine ones, you may also want to line the bottom of the pot with an inch of stones before you add soil to ensure there is plenty of drainage available. 

Eradicate invasive species 

There are some species of plant which once planted will start to take over your whole garden and eventually can kill other plants by starving them of light and nutrients. For example, when planting things such as mint it is important to use a pot because mint has a habit of creeping through the flowerbeds and taking over. If you are unsure what is an invasive species, use a plant identifier and you may have to simply remove it or trim it down more often to stop it spreading. 



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