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What Should You Look For When Finding Art For Your Home

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

While beautiful interior design should be considered its own form of art, sometimes, having a singular creative project in your home, serving as both decoration and inspiration, can be a lovely addition, too. Yet it’s not always easy to know how to purchase art, or what art may be valuable, or how you should identify a good practitioner in the first place.


Wall and floor space comes at a premium in all of our homes, which means that deciding between a few art pieces may be one of the more difficult choices you have to make during your interior design process. Which item will have pride of place in your home?

Well, of course, there’s no ‘right answer’ here. Provided you enjoy the art, and you think it looks nice in the space, or you enjoy its meaning, then that’s all the reason you need. There won’t be a test to validate how much you know about the art or if your reasons are justified enough.

Yet if you’re looking for a piece of art you can really feel pride in, consider the following:

Original Pieces

Original pieces can be tremendously inspiring, especially if they come from a prestigious name. For instance, some pieces of artwork are worth investing in, as Pro Hart art has proven. A name that not only helps represent the culture of a place you love, but that speaks to your spirit can really showcase the power of art, and this works wonders compared to simply furnishing your home with a cheap mass-produced image. If you’re really looking for something valuable, not solely in financial terms but for your spirit too, an original piece from an artist you enjoy can be fantastic.

Craftsmanship & Quality

Craftsmanship and quality is essential when hoping to display art for your home. If you’ve spent time putting together your space, and bringing in quality furniture, and renovating the fireplace, why would you bring in somewhat boring or dime-a-dozen artwork into your home, too? It can be nice to showcase craftsmanship in the art you choose to display, considering your home walls as curated as a gallery would be. Even if this simply means supporting a local artist rather than a mass-produced product line, that can work wonders.

Curated Pieces

Curated pieces can work wonders provided you know what you’re looking for and what kind of artist you hope to represent. It’s quite impressive to say you know who crafted every piece of artwork in your home, what the intention of the piece is, how it was developed, and of course, what impression this left you with, and what a piece meant to you. If you can fill your home (to the degree that is tasteful and affordable) with pieces of art that not only decorate your space, but help represent ‘you’, the more curated the space becomes.


With this advice, you’re sure to make the best of sourcing and displaying art for and in your home.



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