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A beautiful kitchen with ample countertops, storage spaces, equipment, and accessories is every home cook’s dream. Whether you move into a home with the perfect kitchen setup or renovate an existing kitchen to meet your specifications, maintenance is very important for keeping everything precisely as you want it. Proper and regular kitchen maintenance keeps replacement costs down and expensive repairs at a bare minimum. Here is how you should perform regular kitchen maintenance if you want a cooking area that always measures up.

Deep Cleaning Surfaces, Cooking Equipment, and Nooks and Crannies

While washing the dishes is no big deal especially if you have a dishwasher, there are many areas of the kitchen which need regular looking after. Stovetops are especially prone to becoming splattered with grease and being covered in hard, cooked-in goo. The areas around major kitchen appliances, such as ovens and refrigerators, are also beacons for dirt and grime. You should be cleaning off all cooking surfaces, inside the oven and refrigerator with frequent regulatory. On occasion, you will also have to move major kitchen appliances so that you can clean beneath and behind them.  


Drawers, Cabinets and More

Perfectly laid out kitchens always have ample storage areas in which to keep your pots and pans, utensils and dry goods. Consider placing soft mats inside of your drawers and cabinets to help keep them tidy and free of damage. You can get pre-measured soft mats from any kitchenware specialty store, or even opt for the type that you layout and cut to measure. Drawer organizers are really great for keeping utensils and cutlery clean and in place. To keep your kitchen cabinets in good condition, there are door dampers, magnetic strips, and other gadgets.

Protecting Kitchen Floors

Kitchen floors are often tiled or made of hardwood. In addition to tile and hardwood surfaces being more durable, they also happen to be a lot more hygienic. At the same time, you cannot ignore the kitchen sink area. While washing dishes, cleaning off fresh ingredients, or even preparing to clean up the rest of the kitchen, a minor spill can lead to a big fall if a small mat is not placed on the floor. You should maintain your kitchen floors by keeping them properly swept and mopped. Place down safety mats in any area where moisture, spills, or leaks could potentially be an issue.

Taking Care of Kitchen Equipment and Cooking Tools

Your kitchen ‘arsenal’ is likely made up of your favorite pots & pans, food processors, and other kitchen equipment. When using a cast-iron pan you need to season and wipe down in between uses so that it will last for years. High use kitchen equipment such as mixers and food processors have to be cleaned out thoroughly while avoiding plugs, buttons, and other electrical components. Utilize these tips on fixing a warped cutting board to keep your food prep tools in great condition. When you take adequate care of kitchen equipment and cooking tools, you can end up adding to your collection instead of constantly replacing things.


A well-maintained kitchen is more than just a source of pride. Having a wonderful space to cook meals, entertain guests, and spend holidays with families is what makes life truly grand. A well-stocked kitchen just might be the spot where your future grandchild decides to embark on a career in the foodservice industry. A beautifully laid out kitchen makes for an excellent space to announce engagements, pregnancies, and other major life events. Let your kitchen be the highlight of your home by keeping it in tip-top order.


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