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Quick Home Fixes For Unwanted Smells


Quick fixes in your home are what you need. There’s nothing worse than a problem coming up in your home that just costs so much money to repair, it completely disrupts your home lifestyle, and it goes on for days or week. When it comes to fixes in your home, you want to make sure that it’s a quick job, with as least disruptive as possible. But when it comes to issues that are creating funky smells in your home, the problem is most likely not going to be easy to fix, it might be a little bit messy, and it might even be expensive. But all of these can be reduced if you actually find the source of the problem, rather than putting it down to a bit of grime down the drain, or maybe some built-up hair, or perhaps a smell that must be coming from outside. We let bad smells go on for far longer than we had to, and this article is going to address a few of them! So keep on reading, and see if you can relate!

It’s Definitely The Drains

So the first place that we tend to look when you smell a bad smell in your home, is the drains. It’s so easy for the drains to start smelling bad, because every single one of them is having grime flushed down it, and eventually that’s going to build up. But simply putting some bleach down it and hoping for the best might not be the solution for you. If this problem is coupled with the fact that the drain is not draining as quickly as it should do, then it might be time to call in a plumber to take the drain apart. Sometimes it might be that there’s a small blockage in the way that even the toughest bleach cannot defeat. A small expense we know, but attempting to do this yourself could wind you up in even deeper waters.

Could it be the fridge?

A lot of people don’t realize that the fridge can start to smell, not only if the food inside it starts to go bad, but if it breaks down. Usually, this will result in an unpleasant ammonia-like smell that you will need to call a good appliance repair company to sort out. Broken fridges can be dangerous, so if you think that’s the source of your smell, act fast.

Summer Time Problems

Summertime often means that we’re spending so much more time in the home, what with family and friends coming round for BBQ’s, and it just being a little bit too hot to go out in. Now the one item in your home that will definitely become overused, is the AC. It will most likely have been on nearly every day,  and that AC smell can really get bad if it hasn’t been properly maintained. With this, it’s definitely better to get the experts in to see what the problem might be. It might be that it needs a simple clean, or it might be that something worse is wrong!

The Carpets Gone Bad

The carpets might look clean to you, but what lies underneath the surface could be a lot worse. If you have pets in particular, every so often you should think about renting one of the steam cleaners to really get all of that grime out of the floor, and bring out the nice smell, rather than the one your pets and muddy feet will leave behind.


Locating and dealing with the smell issue is the fastest way to get it resolved. It may take elbow grease on your part or hiring a professional to get the problem resolved correctly. Get it done as soon as you notice the smell so your home will not continue to smell bad.


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