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Porch Idea For Extended Family Living Space


What a year 2020 has been.  We are all adapting to changes and we are realizing just how important our homes are to are well-being and happiness.  To inspire home ideas,  Wayfair is sponsoring this post series of Joy at Home.


For many of us we are taking a look at how we can create the comfortable and more space for the entire family to have a place to relax, study, work or just hang out.  With that additional rooms and space is a great solution to that problem.

Not many of us want to or can start building on to our homes, right?  Not that I would even want to do that. Why not utilize a space you probably already have but have not been utilizing as you could be.  This is an exciting prospect and can be very budget friendly.

Here is a photo before we started using the porch.


For example let’s take a look at my back porch that was not being used except on a very limited occasion.  Why?  Because it was not comfortable or inviting or functional.  All the things you need to think about when creating a new space. It is a long and narrow space so I had to keep in mind furniture that would fit and also create a conversational, and comfortable feeling to relax.

A sectional that can be arranged in different configurations was what I selected.


My porch is screened in so it is the perfect area to be utilized and enjoy the outdoor feel.


So once I had the furniture I wanted to add a rug for cozy and comfort and to pull the look together.  I found the perfect rug at Wayfair. The Tianna Southwestern geometric design is simple with clean lines.  The rug anchors the seating area and creates a perfect area for relaxing, studying, working and hanging out with friends. The rug is easy to clean and stain resistant. I have already experienced how well it cleans. LOL!


For the evening hours I added 2 strands of cafe lights and it creates a cozy, fun atmosphere to enjoy a glass of wine and conversation while listening to the outdoor evening sounds.

We have spent countless hours in this area morning, day and evening.  Work/study area by day, relaxing entertainment by night.


Take a look around your home.  What space do you have that you might refresh and extend into a family area that is functional and comfortable?  I hope this post has inspired you to take a look at your home or apartment and the possibility of creating additional space.


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