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Kitchen Pantry Inspiration

Kitchen Pantry Inspiration

I Need Kitchen Pantry Inspiration.  Do you?

The farmhouse is framed in and I can now better visualize what I have to work with and how to design the rooms.  This photo is the skeleton (so to speak) of the Kitchen Pantry.

IMG_5973 (1) A

If you look at the floor section you can better tell the size. It will be a walk-in but not a real big area (but bigger than my current pantry) so I am super excited.  My first thought is to go to the web and start a search on kitchen pantry’s  for inspiration and of course Pinterest for amazing inspiration.  See my Pinterest Board of Kitchen Pantries here.
bhg pantry 1This is a beautiful stained wood pantry I found on BHG.  I love the old vintage style pull out drawer/bins.
cool-kitchen-pantry-design-ideas-3.jpegshelterness.comI discovered this beauty on Shelterness.  This is so nice but I do not have this much space in my pantry. (Sigh!) If only. Oh well….I am grateful for what I am going to have.

crisp archetics .decorpadThe pocket door feature on this pantry offers easy access. This idea is from Crisp Architect.

crown point archThis idea is more on point of the space I have.  I do like the cabinet and the shelves above add lots of visible storage area. Via Crown Point Architect 

KitchenPantryButlerPantry bhgBeautiful Butler Pantry via BHG.  To have this much space for a pantry would be a dream.

sicora designThis corner cabinet idea offers options for small spaces that have more on one side.  Great use of space. I love the door organization area for calendar and files.

vonfitz designThese barn doors are a favorite of mine for entry into a pantry area.  With enough for the microwave this serves as a little kitchen area as well.

These ideas have inspired me. Now I have to get to work on putting the features I want on my pantry plan.  Do you have a pantry you would like to share?

I will share more post to come as the pantry area comes together.

Want to see how the Farmhouse is coming along? Additional information on the farmhouse project under the project link, farmhouse project. I would love for you to follow along and give me your opinion on possible options as we select and style the house. I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

Thanks for stopping by. I love when you leave comments!

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