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Mastering The Art Of Floral Design


Photo by Evie Shaffer

If you have ever seen a house or apartment filled with luscious plants that vine across the ceiling, vibrant and natural tones perfectly accenting each room, and/or a beautifully framed mountain-meadow landscape precisely located to catch your immediate attention, then you probably know the drooling response we are talking about in regards to floral designs.  

Floral design has the ability to brighten up dark spaces, expand small spaces, lift your mood, and bring one back to a natural sense of being, and there are so many techniques to achieve it!


Bring the Garden Indoors

Whether you live in a small New York City apartment, a college dorm room, or out in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado, anyone can start a jungle or garden inside their living quarters. It starts and ends with one thing: plants.

If you do not have the fortunate green thumb, there are many hard-to-kill plants that you can accumulate in your space that require little to no attention, such as snake plants, devil’s ivy, aloe, and most succulents. These plants require very little water, can do without sunlight, and are nearly impossible to kill–unless you just give up on them completely. 

Bringing plants indoors can increase your mood, as well as purify the oxygen you breathe depending on the plant! 

Not to mention, having plants in your house is a sure way to capture the floral vibes you’re going for. 

For those of you who do have great gardening skills, consider adding a small herbal garden on your window seal, or build plant-friendly shelves located near natural light! 

Floral Decor

Anything, seriously anything, can be designed with a floral essence. It’s such a magical trend that it’s easy to spot at any store, or you can customize your decor online.

Pillows, wallpaper, bedspreads, curtains, picture frames, carpets, and more, can all have full-blown or trace amounts of flowers, leaves, vines, etc. 

Wallpapers, like the ones on this website, are the quickest and most effective way to really capture the floral design. This has become one of the top methods, because everything else can then be neutral colors, with a couple of plants to really make the wallpaper pop! 

If you live in a space that you can’t modify, like a college dorm and some rental properties, then consider a floral bedspread or carpet for that quick effect. 

Some people are more drawn to subtle pops of floral and vibrancy, so if that’s you, consider some flower-covered pillowcases or wall decor. These also tend to be less expensive and easier to replace if you change your mind later. 

Rock Revival at Buckle!


Many people don’t consider smells when designing spaces, but this is a great way to capture the complete floral look and feel. Essential oil diffusers with rose, sage, lavender, and other floral essences will bring that calming feel as if you were walking through a garden!

As you can see, with three simple steps, you have the ability to master the art of floral decor! Applying one or a variety of these techniques will leave you feeling complete in your newly designed home. 



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