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Keeping Your Home Secure During The Summer Months


The summer months are a lot of fun, and you’ll no doubt spend them enjoying your outdoor space and having a few BBQs. But summer isn’t all fun and games. It’s the season when burglaries tend to increase. A lot of this is because people get lax with security. They often leave doors and windows open to let some air inside, and this can create opportunities for petty thefts or serious burglaries. Here’s how you can keep your property safe in the summer months.


Fit a security door

During the summer, many people will leave patio doors open to get a cool breeze, or even prop the front door open to try and escape the heat, but this is basically an open invitation for thieves. It’s worth speaking with a security door specialist in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs about fitting a security door, which is a secure door with a very strong mesh that fits outside your existing door. You can open your inner door and enjoy the breeze and view, but there’s still a protective barrier to stop people entering your home.

Secure entry points

The summer months mean you can laze about in the garden, or get a few chores done, but it’s easy to accidentally slip up and leave your home vulnerable when you’re relaxing.

You should look out for entry points and make sure they’re secure, such as:

  • Windows – if you want to keep windows open, make sure they’re locked into position, and no valuables are left nearby
  • Garage doors – a common type of theft takes place when people leave their garages open while doing yard work. This is especially dangerous if you have an inner door into your home
  • Patio doors – if you like to sit in your yard, you might be outside with your patio doors open. It can be easy for people to slip inside when you’re distracted, so make sure you keep an eye on this access point

Consider adding security equipment

Equipment such as video doorbells or CCTV used to be expensive and difficult to install, but nowadays, it’s no more difficult than setting up a mobile phone. The most important thing is positioning your security equipment to ensure it picks up any activity in your yard. If you have a camera with motion detector, then it needs to be placed in an area such as a porch, so you can see when people approach your home.

Don’t assume your home won’t be targeted

A lot of people simply don’t think their home will be the target of burglaries. It may be that they live in a good neighbourhood, or they think they don’t have enough flashy stuff for burglars to bother stealing. But the sad truth is, burglaries are on the rise and can affect anyone, from modest homes to big, fancy houses, so all homeowners need to be aware of the risks. 

Don’t let a break-in spoil your summer fun. Follow the above tips and you can avoid becoming a victim of a robbery


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