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How To Protect Your Home From Storm Damage


Storms can do a serious amount of damage to your home. Whether branches fall and damage the roof, the rain causes flooding or falling trees take out your power, a storm can leave a lot of expensive damage. The best way to protect your home from storm damage is to do what you can to prevent that damage from happening in the first place. 


Cut Back Trees

If you have trees that are growing close to your home, make sure you cut them back during storm season, especially if you have branches that reach close to the roof. Storms can easily rip branches from trees and send them crashing into your roof. A roof can be incredibly expensive to repair if you don’t have good insurance roofers who can help you, so try to remove one of the major causes. 

Falling branches can also damage powerlines, which can cause big problems too. Pruning trees is well worth the effort. 

Clear Gutters

Clearing out your gutters is never a fun job, but it is an important one. If your allow your gutters to get full of fallen leaves, twigs, and other debris, they can easily get clogged. A clogged gutter can’t drain properly, which can force the water into places that you don’t want it to go. The water, especially after heavy rainfall, can easily end up getting into your roof, where it can cause dampness, mold, and rotting joists. This is expensive to put right.

To stop this from happening, make sure you keep your guttering clear. At the start of the winter, have them cleaned out or clean them out yourself, so water can drain properly. 

Check Your Fences

Before the bad weather sets in, take a walk around your property, and check the fences. If there are any loose panels, have them replaced or repaired. A loose panel can be pulled out of place in strong winds, potentially pulling down more of the fence, or flying off and damaging something else. Even if the loose panel stays in place, listening to it bang back and forth in the wind will soon get incredibly annoying. 

Secure Garden Furniture

If you know a storm is coming, make sure anything that usually lives in the garden is either put away or secure firmly in place. Garden furniture, children’s toys, and even trampolines can be picked up and thrown by the wind. This could damage the item, or damage whatever it hits, or even injure someone. You might even lose something like a trampoline if it is able to blow into a neighbor’s garden. Put away anything that can be put away, such as packing patio furniture into the shed or garage. Anything that won’t fit needs to be securely fixed in place so it can’t go anywhere. 

Get Insurance

In case damage does happen, you need good insurance for your home that covers storm damage. Insurance can help you to cover the costs of repairs, so you’re not left out of pocket if any damage is done. 



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