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How To Keep Different Types Of Shutters Clean?

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Window shutters are incredibly stylish, promote ventilation, and boost the value of your property. But having new shutters won’t do you any good if they are constantly covered in dust. It is imperative to clean shutters if you want to enjoy their practicality and benefits fully.

Fortunately, keeping plantation shutters clean is not such a mammoth task. You can clean the shutters every other week and ensure they have a long shelf life.

However, the ways to clean shutters may vary depending on their material type. For instance, using water on wood shutters is not advisable as it may damage them.

Below are some prominent types of cleaning methods that suit a particular shutter variety.


Brush vacuum cleaners for wood shutters

Even shutters made of high-quality wood can wear down quickly if you regularly use water to clean them. The trick is to avoid water altogether unless it is necessary. Instead, use a brush vacuum cleaner to make sure all the dust from the shutter is gone. You can gently move the vacuum brush from side to side over each slat. You can also clean the surrounding frame using the vacuum cleaner.

Feather dusters for faux wood shutters

While it may be safe to clean faux wood shutters with water, it is still advisable to avoid doing it. That’s because some components in the shutter material may still be susceptible to water use. Feather dusters work best on faux plantation shutters in effectively removing all kinds of debris and dust from the slats. But if the quantity of dirt is too high for a feather duster alone, you can follow it up with a vacuum cleaner.

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White vinegar for stains on vinyl shutters

Among the most robust window shutters, vinyl shutters are fire and waterproof. But while they can withstand water and harsh chemical cleaning with ease, it is wiser not to use them. Unless, of course, there are tough stains on the slats that won’t come off with superficial scrubbing. A dab of white vinegar on a dry cloth is enough to remove stubborn stains. For regular cleaning, dusting the shutters with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaning them is a good option.

Water for aluminium exterior shutters

Aluminium shutters are widely used in the outer areas of the house, such as garages. That’s why they need extra cleaning as dust and all sorts of outdoor debris collect on the slats. You can start with a water-pressure method using a hose to loosen up the dirt. Then, scrub the slats with soap and wash them off with water to disinfect them. If you’re unsure about this method, test it on a small part of the shutter to make sure the colour isn’t coming off.

Why is it important to keep shutters clean?

Window shutters are increasing in popularity because they offer a range of benefits to users. For one, they prevent dampness inside the house by enabling adequate air circulation. This is a great feature as it makes the indoor environment fresh and healthier. Also, when drawn completely, the shutters provide privacy from prying eyes on the outside. They are affordable, sleek in design, and add an element of elegance to your home.



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