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How To Best Position Security Gear Around Your House


Home security is becoming an increasingly common topic in the United States, no thanks to the rising home attack rate in the country and other places worldwide. According to the FBI, a home burglary attack occurs in the United States every 30 seconds. This shows that homeowners need to take more precautions to avoid falling victim.

Understandably, more homeowners are realizing the need to learn effective ways to boost their home’s security and protect it from criminals and intruders. You should also be interested in getting informed regarding this problem. 


In this article, we will be sharing with you the best possible ways to position your security gear around your house, the critical points where they matter the most, as well as the dos and don’ts of positioning security gear.

What does Security Gear Entail?

Security gear, in simple terms, refers to any equipment whatsoever that protects, detects, and alerts you of any security threat, whether they are potential or ongoing. Now, concerns about home safety have been on the rise in the United States, especially with the increasing burglaries and robberies in recent times. In 2020, a survey of about 15,000 Americans across ten States was conducted by SafeWise based on two categories:

          Who was most worried about safety and

          Who was least worried about safety

States like New York, Texas, and Illinois ranked top on the most worrisome list at 70%, 62%, and 64%, respectively. In comparison, States like Alaska and Minnesota ranked top on the least worrying list. The survey also indicated how safety concerns are rising among Americans.

This means more people are becoming interested in acquiring security gear from credible online stores. However, improving your home security requires more than just acquiring security gear. It also involves adequate installation and positioning of the gear.

This article will break down the steps and details into the following:

          Best locations to install security gear

          Considerations setting up security gear

          Dos and Don’ts for security gear setup

          Some facts for your consideration, etc.

Best Locations To Install Security Gear

  •       Ground Floor Doors and Windows: Placing security gear at regular access points like ground floor doors and windows, on the inside and outside of your property, is one of the first steps to ensuring proper security for your home. This is because these places are among the most accessed parts of your house. It is most likely that intruders will pass through them when attacking your house. So, the chances that your security gear will capture criminals from these points are quite high.
  •       Hallways and Main Stairs: Just like the ground floor doors and windows, hallways and main stairs are common for burglars and intruders to pass through; hence, it is an ideal place to position your gear. It is barely possible for criminals to access important rooms in your house, where you keep valuables, like the living room or bedroom, without passing through the hallways and main stairs. So, the chances that your security gear will capture them from these points are also high.
  •       Front and Back Driveways: Your driveways are a good place to monitor for intruders, as well as your front and back yard, especially if your landscaping is getting a bit too overgrown. Before they can get access to your house, criminals often have to pass through the driveways. Adequately positioning security gear on the spot can also be the key to ensuring your home’s safety.
  •       Garages: Car theft is a common crime in most neighborhoods. This requires you  to set up your security gear around your garages, too. If your building is detached or semi-detached, you must take complete care in providing the needed security equipment for your property. Otherwise, you might wake up to an empty garage one day.
  •       Off-street Windows: off-street windows are windows that are not directly facing the street, or that are considerably hidden. Because of their hidden nature, criminals often prefer to break into homes through them. They do this hoping  not to be noticed, and they are successful most times. However, installing security gear in such windows will help you capture sneaky intruders and criminals.

Considerations for Setting Up Security Gear

It is also essential to do a thorough job when installing security gear in your home. Otherwise, you might not achieve maximum effectiveness. 

  •       Avoid setting up your security gear close to valuable objects, as this may lead to attracting burglars rather than deterring them. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, around 34% of burglars take valuables because they are sighted close to security equipment.
  •       Your security gear must be placed in spots that protect it from damage: avoid waterways, sinks and electric lines. Also, protect your equipment from weather damage, like the sun melting some parts of your gear, or the rain damaging the ones openly exposed.
  •       It is left to you to decide if you want your security equipment to be hidden or visible, although the type of the equipment is just as important.

Dos and Don’ts for Security Gear Setup

  •       Ensure you use outdoor lighting: outdoor lighting functions to illuminate the environment around your house, especially at night. This will make it more difficult for criminals to sneak into your home in the dark. 
  •       Make proper use of corners indoors to maximize the scope of your security equipment further: installing your security gear in strategic corners inside your house can help to hide the gear, and provide vantage positioning. 
  •       Take note of all the points of entry into your property: it is best advised to install at least one piece of security gear at all your home’s entry points. 
  •       Utilize vantage points available at your disposal: do not neglect vantage positions in your home like indoor corners, ceilings, etc. when installing security gear. This is because they can help boost the gear’s effectiveness. 
  •       Do routine checks for all your equipment to ensure you have them working properly at all times. 

Final Thoughts

It has been established that adequate installation and positioning of security gear can make a difference in protecting and ensuring the safety of your home. Thankfully, this article has discussed some fantastic tips to help you make the right decisions when installing these pieces of equipment in your home. 

Tomasz Borys

Currently with Deep Sentinel, Tomasz specializes in home safety and security technology. Prior to joining Deep Sentinel, Tomasz has over a decade of marketing leadership experience, ranging from Microsoft to Kissmetrics. 

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