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Healthier Lifestyle – 6 Food Substitutions To Consider


Making the decision to live a healthier lifestyle is one that should be applauded. It takes dedication and hard work, but the payoff is worth it! However, making the switch to a healthier diet can seem daunting. There are so many different food options out there, how do you know which ones to choose? So let’s discuss six food substitutes that are healthy and easy to incorporate into your diet!


These days there are plenty of different kinds of pasta made from lentils, chickpeas, and beans. Try them out! They will add a nice punch to your meals because they don’t just provide flavor but also protein and other nutrients.

When you’re shopping for pasta alternatives at the grocery store, make sure that it’s not high in sodium or sugar – both are unhealthy additives used to give these products their taste. Of course, you can always cook up some zoodles (zucchini noodles), too, if gluten is an issue for you! Another great alternative is spaghetti squash; when cooked properly, it becomes like its namesake but with fewer carbs and calories.

Rice Substitutes

Brown rice is a whole grain, meaning it contains the bran and germ of the rice kernel, which are essential sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. White rice is a refined grain that has been stripped of these nutrients during the milling process. During the milling and processing, the bran and germ of the kernel are removed, which eliminates a lot of nutritional value.

Brown rice is higher in fiber than white rice. Fiber makes you feel fuller longer because it takes longer to digest, which also helps control blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of certain diseases.


Bread Flour Substitutes

White flour is a refined grain that has been milled to remove the bran and germ. The best part about using almond flour instead of white wheat flour is that you get all the health benefits of almonds!

Almond flour can be used to substitute white flour in most recipes; it makes baked goods denser but moister. You can find many different recipes online for flour substitutes, such as an almond flour bread recipe or an almond flour muffin recipe.

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Protein Substitutes

When you’re trying to make healthier choices, it’s vital that you include protein in your diet. Protein is essential for muscle growth and repair and helps keep you feeling fuller longer. There are plenty of different sources of plant-based proteins out there; some popular ones are quinoa, beans, lentils, chickpeas, edamame, and tofu. If you’re looking for a high-quality animal protein source, then try opting for grass-fed beef or wild-caught fish instead of farmed varieties.

Protein powders can also be a great way to supplement your diet with additional protein if needed; just make sure to read the ingredients list carefully as not all powders are created equal!

Unhealthy Fat Substitutes

Fats are an essential part of a healthy diet, but it’s important to know which fats you should be consuming. Unhealthy fats such as trans-fat and saturated fats are not good for your heart health or cholesterol levels; they increase LDL (bad) cholesterol while decreasing HDL (good) cholesterol.

Instead, opt for healthier alternatives like olive oil over vegetable oils, nuts instead of chips, or homemade kale chips with a chickpea dip instead of crackers and processed cheese spreads. Also, try swapping out the butter in cooking recipes where possible by using avocado instead! This is a great way to get the same texture without all of the fats in dairy products.

Refined Sugar Substitutes

Refined sugars are processed in order to remove impurities such as molasses and other minerals from the cane or beet plant that produce them. As a result, these refined grains have been stripped of their nutritional value, making them low-quality carbohydrates.

There are many different types of sugar substitutes out there; some popular ones include stevia (a natural zero-calorie sweetener made from plants) or agave syrup (which can be used just like honey). The best way to avoid refined sugars is by substituting with a more natural option like maple syrup which has less processing done on it and therefore retains more nutrients!

Final Thoughts

Making the switch to a healthier lifestyle can seem daunting at first, but by using these food substitutes, you’ll be on your way to better health in no time! Try out some of these food substitutes and see how you feel; you will most probably find that you don’t miss the unhealthy alternatives as much as you thought you would.



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