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Graphic Transfer Wax Paper Method


Today I am showing you my Graphic Transfer using the wax paper method.

I remember when I first discovered this  method of graphic transfer 

I was doubtful it would work very well

Boy was I surprised when it worked out even better than I thought

I love how nice the graphics look when done.

So, don’t doubt that you can do it because I know you can.

It is super easy 

materials needed are cheap

and it only takes minutes


Transfer a graphic using your inkjet printer and wax paper.

Yep…..that’s it.

you know what…..this works on wood, material & terra-cotta pottery

It will probably work with other items but those are the ones I have tried


Show & Tell

To demonstrate this Wax Paper Transfer method

I will show you how I transferred my graphic onto my French Cafe Placemats

To see how I painted the Drop Cloth Placemats check it out here:  Drop Cloth French Cafe Placemats.


Start by cutting your wax paper the size of printer paper.

The lightweight, low-profile BrightPad makes crafting easier while reducing eye strain.


Preparing the Graphic Transfer Wax Paper

Make sure your image has been flipped/mirrored to print correctly.  If using word or a paint program you should have an option that lets flip/rotate an image

Spray your printer paper with adhesive and apply the wax paper

In my printer, I remove all other paper and then add the wax paper/printer paper sheet in the tray.

In my printer, I have to place the wax paper side FACE DOWN. Your printer may be different

Run a test print first.  Mark your sheet with face down and face up. Print and see which side the printer is printing on.

Print the image on the wax paper

graphic-transfer wax-paper-method

Transfer/Apply the Graphic

For best results have your surface that you will transfer to slightly wet.

Center image over the surface but not touching and then immediately apply the wax paper to your project surface.

Once you set the wax paper down you CAN NOT move it.

Press gently but do not move the paper or you will get a blurred image.

Remove paper by lifting up not sliding.


You should now have a beautiful transferred image.

Graphic Transfer how to

This is how a transfer looks on terra-cotta pottery.  Go here to get the How To – Terra Cotta Cafe Pots

Wrap Up

Ready to have some fun with this easy Graphic Transfer Wax Paper Method?

To get your project ready first, find the item that you want to make fabulous…..pottery, wood item etc.

Select your image/graphic 

Cut your wax paper to fit your printer paper

Spray printer paper with adhesive and apply cut wax paper to printer paper

Slightly dampen your project surface

Fire up your printer and go!!!!

Apply graphics to your project surface, remember once applied DO NOT MOVE THE GRAPHIC

Press down on the graphic, but be careful to not slide or move it.

Once firmly applied, lift/remove the graphics straight up from the surface

All done……enjoy your beautiful project.


Let me know what you decide to make.  I would love to see it.

So long for now……see you soon!bonbon signature



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