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Garden Talk – Prep Your Garden For Summer


There’s nothing like whiling away the summer days in the garden.  It’s the ultimate in relaxation. Whether you’re relaxing with a book, playing with the kids or entertaining friends, it’s a great place to spend time.  

With summer just around the corner, most gardens will be in need of a bit of TLC. A long winter of harsh weather and neglect will have taken its toll. 

Here are some great ways to get your garden ready to enjoy again this summer. 



Rejuvenate Your Lawn

A lush, green lawn is the jewel in the crown of most gardens but it takes a lot of effort to get them looking their best.  Grass often takes the most damage due to weather conditions, pets and kids running about. 

Even if your lawn looks terrible, the chances are you can revive it with a bit of care and some fertilizer 15 0 15.

Just follow these steps. 

Scarify the lawn with a rake.  This scrapes away moss, weeds, and dead grass.  It also creates a rougher surface.  

Aerate the lawn with a specialist tool or a garden fork.  Over time, the soil gets compacted, making it difficult for moisture and fertilizer to penetrate the ground.  

Reseed.  If your lawn is looking a bit threadbare, using a quality grass seed to thicken it up.  Feed your lawn.  Now that you’ve prepared the ground, it’s time to start getting all of those vital nutrients into the soil.  Use a quality fertilizer. If you are using a weed and feed products, designed to feed a lawn but kill off moss and weeds, just remember that it will also stop grass seed from sprouting too.  

Cut and water the grass regularly.  Don’t let the lawn grow out of control. Mow it regularly to keep it looking fantastic and ready for your summer entertaining.  Be sure to water it regularly too. Either invest in a sprinkler system with a timer or take care of it yourself with a hose. Wait until later in the day when it has cooled down, to prevent the water from being heated up and scorching the grass.  Extreme heat can damage your garden so take steps to care for it in the summer

Remove Weeds

If you have any planted areas, remove any unsightly weeds and turn over the soil to make them look neat and tidy.  Placing wood chippings on the ground around plants and shrubs looks great and discourages weeds from growing back.  

If those pesky weeds are popping up between paving stones, get rid of them with weed killer or a weed burner. 

Wash Away The Dirt

Over the Autumn and winter months, paths, paving, and decking can accumulate a lot of dirt and debris.  Pressure washers are great for removing this build-up. They will leave your garden path looking like new.  You’ll be surprised/horrified at how much dirt it removes.  

If you don’t have a pressure washer a good alternative is to use some hot, soapy water and a stiff-bristled broom.  It will take a bit of physical effort, but the results will be worth it. 

Update Your Garden Furniture

Furniture is a great way to enjoy your garden.  Whether you have a sun lounger or a dinner table for some al fresco dining, it opens up so many opportunities to enjoy life outdoors.  

If your garden furniture has been left to the mercy of the elements in the winter months, give it a new lease of life with a bit of upcycling.  New paint color and a bit of creativity can give a whole new look to that drab garden furniture. 

Repaint Woodwork

Your garden fence or shed might be looking a bit dull and weather beaten.  Bring it back to its best by giving it a new coat of paint. Why not step out of your comfort zone and go for a more exciting color? 

If a garden design doesn’t come naturally to you, or you need a bit of inspiration, head over to Instagram or Pinterest.  There are thousands of great ideas to be found, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

Get Creative With Plants

Flowers and shrubs are a great way to add character to your garden.  Little touches like planting night-blooming, scented plants (such as Honeysuckle or Jasmine) around your patio area will create a beautiful atmosphere for those after sunset cocktails.  

Or you could plant herbs near your BBQ pit so that you always have some fresh herbs at hand to take your outdoor cooking to the next level.  

It’s easy to get carried away choosing plants for the garden.  It most cases, less is most definitely more, especially if you’re not very green-fingered and don’t want a high maintenance garden. 

Light Up Your Nightlife

Long, lazy summer days in the garden are great, but why stop there?   A few pieces of stylish, carefully chosen lighting will let you enjoy those summer nights too. 

Try a string of lanterns or some solar-powered lights that you can push into the soil between plants can create an amazing atmosphere when the sun goes down. They’re great for the environment too. 

Another great addition to your garden is a fire pit or chiminea, perfect for keeping you cozy when the temperature drops. 

Add Some Shade

The sun can be incredibly damaging to your skin, so it’s best to cover up and use sunscreen.  Add some areas of shade where you can still enjoy the outdoors but can keep out of the sun.  Doctors recommend that people stay out of the sun between 10 am and 2 pm, when it is at it’s strongest. 

A large parasol or awning can work well.  If you have a larger garden (and budget) an arbor or gazebo can keep you covered in style.  






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