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Create Curb Appeal With These Front Door Color Options

Create Curb Appeal With These Front Door Color Options
Red home door (Irland).

Inspiration ideas to change the look of your home and create curb appeal just by painting your front door. Take a look at a few doors that I came across that look amazing. This Red color is beautiful and I love the mail slot feature.  Note to self:  Add mail slot to my want list for the front door on the new house.


Wow this Purple Door looks amazing.  I would never of thought of painting a front door purple until now.

black door

 This Black color is so eye catching and then add to it the half door feature and it truly is an idea I lovvvvve.

wood door

 This Classic Wood Door look with leaded glass is the door that never goes out of style.

yellow door

Yellow Door looks so clean, fresh and inviting.  This is a winner.

White Pane Door

White Door with full length glass pane. This always makes for a beautiful entry door.

Wood arched door

Wood Arched Entry Double Doors is very welcoming and timeless.

beyondthescreendoor (1)

This beautiful door was inspired from an old vintage cabinet paint color.

Via Behr Paint

This Glossy Black Door is amazing in color and architect.

Via Sherwin-Williams Paint

The new trend seems to be Black/Indigo glossy paint.  I am loving this look.

Painting your front door is an easy way to change the look of the front of your home and create Wonderful Curb Appeal.

As you probably know from many of my post we are in the process of building a new farmhouse. To create more Curb Appeal in our current home that we are preparing to sell (hopefully have it listed in two weeks), I would love to paint my front door…but the hubs seems to be allergic to painting ideas of any kind on perfectly good looking wood.  I will have to twist his arm a little lot for him to agree to me painting our current home wood door.  Our new house will have a painted door from the start so this will not be an issue except for maybe what color.  

Don’t forget to add these inspiration doors to your PINTEREST board for later reference…..and check out what we are PINNING this spring.  Lots of awesome ideas!



  1. April 14, 2015 / 9:41 pm

    We have a blue door on our house and it really improves its appearance. It’s a nice pop of color against red brick.
    Some of these examples you shared are stunning. 🙂

    • bbfarmhouse
      April 15, 2015 / 9:01 am

      Hi Shannon – Your blue door against the red brick sounds beautiful. I would love to paint our front door on our current home (its a stained wood door) but my husband likes the natural wood look. Oh well, maybe someday I will get to paint my door. LOL Thanks for stopping by.

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