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Enjoying A Fresh Kitchen In 2021


The kitchen is the real heart of the home and it is a space which can be changed and upgraded throughout your time living at home to make it the perfect place for hosting family and friends.

After Christmas your kitchen might be looking a bit cluttered and worse for ware, and now is the perfect time to make a change and completely change the design of your kitchen to refresh it for a new year full of opportunity. 

With most of us being at home still due to the pandemic, it is a good time to get your hands dirty and make some changes to your kitchen – and upgrade it to make it a stunning place to be. 

Here’s some of the ways you can make your kitchen more warm, cozy, and fresh for your family. 

Relay the floor 

The first thing you can do to make a real change in the kitchen this year is the relay the floor and enjoy a fresh new look. If you have had the same floor for a long while, upgrading to Luxury Vinyl Plank could be a brilliant way to bring some life back into the room. There are some stunning wood designs such as oak or beech that you can choose from and this small DIY will impact your kitchen in a tangible way. 

Install LED spotlights 

If you are looking for a new way to light up your kitchen without having a big chunky light fitting you can choose to install some spotlights on the ceiling. It is a great idea to install a few spotlights into the kitchen because you will be able to light up the space without taking away any space. You can also consider under cupboard spotlights which will add an air of luxury to your kitchen and bring some soft lighting when hosting family or friends.

Upgrade the taps

One thing you can definitely try to do in your kitchen to upgrade it this January is change the taps. If you have a home which was built in the 70’s or 80’s it is likely that the taps in your kitchen are looking a little drab and old by now. The change of a tap might seem like a small change at first but it can actually make a massive impact on the overall look and feel of the space. Consider even going one step further and get yourself a boiling water tap which will make your life easier when cooking rice, pasta, or making coffee. 

Organize the pantry 

One of the things you need to do when you look to improve your kitchen is take stock of your pantry and decide what can be done to improve it. Your pantry consists of things such as condiments and tins as well as dry goods like flour, pasta, and sugar. Now is a great time to invest in some nice glass jars or containers to store your items safely and securely. Your pantry doesn’t have to be a labyrinth of dried goods – it can be well organized and it can look amazing. Even adding some of your pantry goods to a few shelves of the kitchen can be a brilliant idea and will really bring some fun design features to the room. 

Clean your fridge 

It is a great idea after the festive period to take an afternoon to go through your fridge and freezer and clean out things you no longer need. We buy a lot of food at Christmas and this means the fridge and the freezer can become overrun with random leftovers. It is important to spend time doing this because it will rid your home of food you don’t need and it will also leave space for healthier foods as you try to make a change to your lifestyle in the new year! 

Add a pop of color 

One fun way to make a change to your kitchen without spending a ton of money is to buy some kitchen cupboard decals and add a pop of color to the room. Your kitchen is a room which will often be mostly black, white and wooden – so a pop of well placed color is a good addition. This can be anything from a bright red to blue to yellow – have fun and bring some life to your kitchen. 

Final Thoughts

Have fun this year making some changes to your kitchen and turn it into the perfect place for you to host your family get togethers. 



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