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5 Ways Your Walls Can Inspire You On A Daily Basis



It goes without saying that decorating your home has a huge impact on your daily life. A well-decorated home with a comforting color palette has the power to soothe you as soon as you come home from a hard day at work, and clearing out the clutter in your home can make your life a lot more organized.

One of the most underrated aspects of decorating is how a well-designed wall can inspire and motivate you on a daily basis. It’s about a lot more than just hanging up an inspirational message on the wall opposite your bed. Here are our suggestions on how you can decorate your walls to give you a positive boost every day.

  1. Dedicate a wall to your past

Whether it’s framing photographs of your friends and family members or placing all of your awards in one place, there’s a lot of merit to dedicating an entire wall to your past. It’s a fantastic way to remind yourself how far you’ve come and also the experiences you’ve had that led you up to this point in your life.

  1. Hang up something motivational

Almost anything can be motivational–it just depends on the person. This article from lists a couple of inspirational quotes that you can simply print off and stick to your wall, but you could also hang up something like a sentimental painting or piece of clothing that helps remind you of something important.

DIY Wall Art

DIY Wall Art Poster On Canvas

  1. Consider placing meaningful or unique shapes and designs

There are lots of different shapes and designs that could be meaningful to your life. For instance, you could have a large wooden cutout of the state that you grew up in to remember your roots, or perhaps you can get a large cloth poster of your home country’s flag. We suggest taking a look at services such as to see what kind of custom shapes and designs you can request to create a meaningful wall that inspires you every time you see it.


DIY Bulletin Board Message Center

  1. Stay organized with a large corkboard or whiteboard

If you’re a busy person that could do with a bit more organisation in their life, then consider staying organized with a large corkboard or whiteboard. You can write messages, pin notes, stick reminders on it and do plenty of other things to help you keep track of your busy lifestyle.


  1. Add a shelf and store your sources of inspirational

If you prefer to be practical then why not install a shelf and add your own sources of inspiration? This could be anything from your favorite books to a framed photograph or even an old soft toy that was given to you by your parents or family members. Even if you don’t have many sources of inspiration, it’s still a fully-functional shelf that you can use.

There are many unique ways to decorate a wall that can inspire you on a daily basis, so we hope that these suggestions have given you some ideas on how you can upgrade your walls in the near future.


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