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Day 287 Farmhouse Project

Day 287 Farmhouse Project

Visit to the Farmhouse building site on the first day of Spring…..well what do you know….no workers in sight!!!  Hmmm.


Basement walls and the plumbing for the basement section have been completed.  Next up is the pouring of the basement floor and gravel inside the garage floor.


Gravel truck brought in gravel today for the lane……we have to keep having additional gravel hauled in because of the heavy cement trucks and the ground thaw the lane is getting destroyed.


Looks like the gravel truck needs to put some in this spot…….that is the hubs checking out the site.
bon at site.jpgB

I decided to make a visit to the building site to check out the progress.  It is a beautiful sunny day….to bad the builders are not here taking advantage of this good weather.  The framers are waiting on the concrete guys to get the basement completed so they can start framing……come on already…lets get this basement done.  Rain, Rain stay away….

I hope there is progress this week….stay tuned… all have a great week!

lines gray.jpgA


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