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Day 1 – Farmhouse Project – Property Purchase


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To begin this story of the farmhouse………I guess I will start at the very very beginning which was 5 years before we broke ground.

Yep……5 years

Maybe one of the hardest parts of building our farmhouse was finding the perfect property…meaning perfect to my husband and myself.

There were certain amenities we wanted:


Secluded (but still within necessaries, grocery, gasoline, wifi)


Reasonable Commute                                

Manageable drive in winter                        


Private Drive                                                           

When selecting a location where you want to live should be a big deal but if you don’t think it though you might find yourself hating the location later.

Example: Think about what is around you? Is quiet, calm important to you? 

Or do you prefer the city with lots of hustle and bustle. 

What about your commute? 

Is it located close enough to your job, shopping and schools?

The property has two small ponds

I didn’t say the property was perfect but it is ours, mosquitoes, nats, ticks, chiggers  and all.  

Oh yeah, and coyotes, opossums and raccoons.  

I have a feeling we are going to have some show downs because any varmint that gets in my flower beds or garden are going to have a mad girl on their hands.  

Have you ever seen what a opossum can do to your potted plants.  

Oh my gosh!!!!  And please someone tell me what are they digging for?

There is nothing in the bottom of the pot.


Took 8 weeks to get this property purchased…….all because my hubs did the work of the real estate agents, title company etc.  

Thank you hubby….you are the best!

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