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Bring Summer Into Your Home Design Ideas


We’re on the cusp of summer now, and if you’re like most people, you’ll want to make it one to remember – instead of another one to forget. This is still challenging to do; however, the world is still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, and we may not have a chance to vacation abroad any time soon. So why not invest in your home instead. 


The summer is the perfect time to invest in your home and bring some of the summer vibes indoors. In this post, we look at some of the ways you can do this without a break the bank. There is some simple way you can bring more curb appeal to your property with siding or more atmosphere to your home with aerating plants. 

Summer Floral Ideas 

If summer is about anything, it’s about the flowers. All kinds of petaled plants bloom in the sunshine months like peonies, sunflowers, and roses. If you’re lucky, you will have some of these in your gardens already; if not, design your home. 

Floral patterns are all the rage this summer, and you can bring them into your home in the form of wallpaper, shower curtains and throw pillows. Floral patterns are big, bold, and bright, just like your farmhouse garden, but you don’t have to water these ones. 

Tasteful Copper Tones

Copper tones come in many forms. You can incorporate them into your home as lampshades, mugs and plates, candleholders, coffee tables, and various other accessories. Although copper doesn’t always match with your floral wallpaper, that isn’t always what you want. 

Copper may not seamlessly match your interior decoration, but it makes the perfect contract to pretty much anything. Copper adds a cool and tasteful accent to any room and generates some interest in the space that was somehow missing before. 

Simple Residential Siding

When you arrive back to your suburban home from the shops or a vacation, do you suddenly notice the condition of your siding, especially in comparison to the neighbor’s homes? If so, it could be time to bring your home up to date and improve the exterior. 

This summer is the perfect time to invest in your home; some new siding can really bring your home’s curb appeal up and make it stand out from the crowd. An investment in your home will also raise the property’s market price – contact a siding contractor for more information. 

The Hygge Style

Hygge is a Danish word that means enjoying life’s simple pleasures. It was coined in the 18th century but has become an integral part of their culture and outlook ever since. Di you know that Danish people are regularly voted the happiest nation on earth. 

Turn your home into a happy place this summer by downsizing and minimizing everything. Sleek lines, neat spaces and a clutter-free environment – that’s the Hygge way – and it’s perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Find beauty in simplicity this summer with the Hygge style.  

Go for Green

When you think of summer, you probably think of the color yellow. You think of the sun and sunflowers and the yellow beach sand that’s hot underfoot. But green is a nice compliment to the warm yellow tones of summer; think of it as a cool counterbalance. 

However, green is also an equal partner in summer. Thanks to the sun, of course, the trees and plants bud, and the grass grows long and radiant. Why not bring some green into your home this summer as an accent wall, or paint a cabinet an interesting color of green, turquoise or forest green. 

Mismatched Rooms

There are two types of people in the world, matches and non-matches. These types of people can get along most of the time, some of them are even in relationships with each other, but when it comes to interior design, there’s going to be clashes. 

In true mismatched style, embrace the opposite this summer and see where it leads. Mismatched rooms can actually be very beautiful and appealing; it creates interest where there was none before and allows you to bring all kinds of nick-nacks into your home.  

Vertical Indoor Gardening 

Bringing some of the outdoors indoors this summer is all part of the zeitgeist. It makes a big difference when you have some green life in your home, giving off fresh oxygen and cleaning the air at the same time. But what should you go for? 

Large aerating plants are a good choice, such as Spiked watermilfoil, Fool’s watercress, and Hornwort; otherwise, you could go for a wall vine or crawler. Place a wall mount on your wall and introduce a vine that will give you a lively atmosphere and fresher air.




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