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Breathe In Fresh Air With These Tips For Your Home’s Health


Ever feel like your home is a little stuffy or just doesn’t feel very healthy? There may be a reason why and that could be due to how you look after your home and what you do to ensure it stays clean and tidy. If you want to breathe in some fresh air for once, then here are some helpful tips to keep your home as healthy as it can be.

Remove The Clutter

Clutter can be a problem because if you’re not keeping the home clean, dust can start to pile up in these areas. And when you have a load of dust about the home, any movement of it without it being clean up is going to float through the air and straight into your lung as you breathe it in. This can get dangerous when there’s a lot of it and in part where there might be a lot of bacteria in the air too. It’s important to improve your indoor air quality where you can by ensuring any filters to your air conditioning have been cleaned out and that you’re making an active effort to work on decluttering your home.

We’re all responsible for cluttering up our spaces now and again, but it’s all about how you stay on top of it that really matters. Try to make some time during your week or month to do a little declutter here and there. The more you do it and regularly keep on top of it, the less of a deep clean and declutter you’ll need to do. It’s also going to make the air feel a lot cleaner too.

Look At Your Air Quality

Depending on where you live, you might find that the air quality in certain places is a lot more severe than in other areas. For example, if you live in the city, then you might find that the air quality is a lot worse than what you’d find when you go to rural areas and the countryside.

It’s good to check the air quality in your home and to do some research on how you could improve it. As it’s been mentioned, the filters of your air conditioning are going to be helpful in catching dust and other bacteria, but you might want to consider getting air purifiers. These can be great at making sure your home’s air is cleaner.


Bring The Outside In

When talking about bringing the outside in, it’s all about plants and flowers. Nature is a great thing to have in your home because it plays an important part in keeping the air clean. It helps to clean the air so that you and your family can breathe in cleaner and fresher air as a result. With that being said, if you’ve not already got clean air coming into your home, then it’s time to do so.


With so many different plant types available, it’s worth doing some digging and finding out what plants are best for what rooms. Some rooms are going to have a higher moisture content, like a bathroom, for instance, and so will need a plant that loves plenty of moisture in the air. There’s also plenty of plants that are low maintenance, so if you’re not a plant person usually, then there are options out there for everyone.


Open Your Windows

Keeping your windows open is essential because it helps the airflow within your home on a regular basis. It’s important to try and keep your windows open at various periods throughout the day, especially when you’re cooking and also when you’re using the shower or bath. It can help stop mold from building up, and that’s important because the appearance of mold can also be bad for your health if it’s not dealt with.


Even if it’s just for half an hour, the difference it will make to your home will be noticeable, especially when it comes to the smell of it too!


Ban Smoking & Bad Chemicals

It’s best to try to avoid any bad chemicals and smells within the home, smells being smoking. Smoking can be harmful to those who don’t smoke, and so it’s important that if anyone does, they’re doing it outside of the home. The number of chemicals in your home should also be monitored when it comes to typical household cleaning products.

With these tips, you’re going to see a difference in how your home feels. Look after your home’s health in order to look after yourself.



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