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She sends Zazu for help, and helps her father back to Pride Rock. Kiara is hunting with her mother, brother, friends, and Fuli the cheetah. She later sees her father, obviously injured, coming from an ambush by the Outsiders. Once again, the concept goes over Kiara's head, and Simba simply tells her that she will understand some day. The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: He Lives in You • We Are One • My Lullaby • Upendi • One of Us • Love Will Find a Way Hakuna Matata; Here Comes the Lion Guard; We're the Same (Sisi Ni Sawa) My Own Way; Utamu (song) Hero Inside ; A Trail to Hope; The Lion Guard scores. Kiara is able to land on a safe ledge, and she attempts to save Zira, who is clinging to the side of the cliff. Kion however, gives up his roar to Vitani. She is also very headstrong, and she possesses a strong desire for independence and self-sufficiency. Michelle Horn (child)Charity Savoy (child singing)Neve Campbell (adolescent)Liz Callaway (adolescent singing)Tara Strong (video game)Eden Riegel (The Lion Guard), Geny Salazar (The Lion Guard: Drama King), Simba (father)Nala (mother)Mufasa (paternal grandfather; deceased)Sarabi (paternal grandmother)Unnamed lion (maternal grandfather; presumed deceased)Sarafina (maternal grandmother)Scar (paternal great-uncle; deceased)Vitani (sister-in-law)Kion (younger brother)Nuka (brother-in-law; deceased)Zira (mother-in-law; deceased)Ahadi (paternal great-grandfather; deceased)Uru (paternal great-grandmother; deceased)Mohatu (paternal great-great-grandfather; deceased), To reunite the Pride Lands and the OutlandsTo learn about being queen. However, he breaks his promise almost immediately and sends Timon and Pumbaa to watch her. Kiara greatly resembles her mother, Nala. Her hunger for adventure often leads her to outright rebellion, as she continuously disobeys her parents, purposefully ignoring their better judgment in order to explore the Outlands and get answers to her unresolved questions. She is very stubborn and firm in her decisions. Affiliations An infant Kiara appears at the beginning of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, during her presentation to the animals. In response, Kiara convinces Kovu to teach her to hunt. 3,450 Pages. Alignment Kiara remains the same light shade from her cubhood, not darkening with age as her parents did, though this could be attributed to her not being a full-grown adult yet. Her eyes are amber-brown and her nose and inner ears are purplish pink. Kiara is taken home by Simba, where he scolds her for putting herself in danger, noting that as future queen, she needs to be careful. However, Janja and his clan cause a stampede in the herd, and Kiara becomes trapped in it. Kiara tells him that she'll think about it, and tells Kion of the proposal. Lady - Adult Kiara (The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride) Tramp - Adult Kovu (The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride) Jock - Jasiri (The Lion Guard) Trusty - Baloo (The Jungle Book) Jim Dear - Mike (Winx Club) Darling - Vanessa (Winx Club) Jim Dear Jr. - Michael Darling (Peter Pan; 1953) Aunt Sarah - Carmen Sandiego (Where in the … Simba comments that his favorite duty is perhaps upholding traditions and adds that one day She enters into the Outlands, where she meets Kovu, a cub who is one of the Outsiders as well as Scar's chosen heir. Anga rescues Kiara first by flying her to safety, then with the help of Hadithi rescues Simba and Nala. From the sidelines, the cubs' parent… Luckily Kion (who had been convinced by Mufasa to help Kiara) arrives and is shortly joined by the rest of the Lion Guard, causing the hyenas to flee. However, she is also polite and doesn't hesitate to express her gratitude.Kiara shows much excitement in becoming the fut… She expresses her desire to hunt on alone, and with prodding from Nala, Simba reluctantly agrees. Kiara is next seen as an adolescent, preparing for her first hunt. He thanks the herd for their patience, though since he missed it, he decides to sing a song dear to his family. Timon & Pumbaa: Alone Together • Stand by Me • Yummy, Yummy, Yummy • The Lion Sleeps Tonight Kion is a male lion.He is a member of the Night Pride and the king of the Tree of Life through his marriage to Rani.Formerly, he was the leader of the Lion Guard and the prince of Pride Rock.He is the son of Simba and Nala, and the brother of Kiara.. Before becoming the leader of the Lion Guard, Kion witnessed his best … Kiara wantes to see Kovu when he comes back but is stopped by Simba who confronts him for coming back to the Pride Lands. Her eyes are amber-brown and her nose and inner ears are purplish pink. However, they witness Mzingo, Janjaand the other hyenas sneaking into the gazelles' feeding grounds. Books: Marvel Comics, Entertainment: Animagique • Disney's Believe • Disney Dreams: An Enchanted Classic • Disney's Wishes • Fantasmic! After her parents leave, the Lion Guard goes to Pride Rock in search of Ono. Rain - Kiara (The Lion King II: Simba's Pride) Little Creek - Hiro Hamada (Big Hero 6) The Colonel - ??? She once again remains in Pride Rock, hoping her brother can find the solution to the problem. • Reflections of Mufasa • Spirit • Battle for Pride Rock • Remember • Never Too Late • Mbube Kiara roars at the gazelle, and Nala calls for them to stop. When Kiara expresses her reluctance at becoming queen, Simba explains how they are connected and sings "We Are One" to explain this. Just as seriously as Kiara takes hers. Nala compliments Kiara's tracking skills, and Kiara thanks her. She is a young lioness and has pale golden-orange fur with a cream underbelly, muzzle, and paws. Afterward, Rafiki blesses Kiara and Kovu's union, and they are seen roaring on top of Pride Rock with Simba and Nala. Kiara is first seen atop Pride Rock with her father, who is giving her lessons on how to rule the Pride Lands. Kiara is kind, loyal, strong, determined, independent, cute and pretty. Kiara appears in the Disney Junior TV film The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and series The Lion Guard, which sees her having a younger brother named Kion (whom she appears to have a sibling rivalry with), who serves as the protagonist. However, Kion interrupts, saying it was nothing they couldn't handle, adding that Kiara will make a great queen one day. There are plenty of good lions for the Guard. Pridelanders Kiara first appears in the series' pilot film \"The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar\", which is set in the middle of the second film. At Pride Rock, Kovu points out that Kiara's hunting skills are rather lackluster and that she could not survive on her own. However, he breaks his promise almost immediately, and sends Timon and Pumbaa to watch her. Kiara She is Simba and Nala's daughter, Kion's older sister, and the mate of Kovu. She runs away to hunt on her own, away from the Pride Lands, and ends up in the midst of a wildfire set by Zira's other children, Vitani and Nuka. As Kovu flees, Rafiki who watching the event sighs sadly feeling that Simba has completely defied his father's goals and Simba was intoxicated to notice him. As a result, she doesn't carry as rich gold as her father's or grandfather's. In addition, the area between her eye and her eyebrow is paler than this color rather than darker. Kiara tells her mother that she is fine, and thanks Fuli. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Television programs She also showed a strong amount of charisma as she convinced both prides that they are better united than against each other. However, Zira refuses to budge and attempts to attack Simba. Other names The Royal family, as well as many animals of the Pride Lands, attended Kion and Rani's wedding (which doubled as Kion's coronation to become King of the Tree of Life ), along with Jasiri's clan. However, she is also polite and does not hesitate to express her gratitude.And she is also known as headstrong, pla… Sometimes her duties would lead Kiara to rub it on her younger brother Kion’s face, which leads into a fight, though they still care for each other. Aminifu; Ajabu; Baboon leader; Askari; Azaad; Anga; Astuto; The Lion Guard songs. His paws, underbelly, and muzzle are a beige color, and his underbelly doesn't extend up over his neck. In The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Simba is an overprotective parent of Kiara, and obtains a great hatred of the Outsiders, a group of lions whom he exiled due to their loyalty to Scar, specifically Scar's protege Kovu, before learning to let go of his hate, and accepting Kovu as his son-in-law. The tuft at the end of Kiara's tail is a soft brown hue. Simba and Nala arrive at their daughter's aid, as they had seen the smoke from the fire. The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure She asks her father if there's any way he can intervene. In this way, he is open to other species and willing to give underdogs a chance at making a difference.Unlike his father (when he was a cub) and sister, Kion is very slick with rules and is reluctant to go against them, whilst a younger Simba went to the Elephant Graveyard, despite being told not to g… ""You will never be Mufasa!" Kiara shows much excitement in becoming the future queen of the Pride Lands. Though Kovu considers running away to form their own pride, Kiara understands her father's words from when she was a cub upon seeing her and Kovu's reflections merge in the water. Hearing Simba and Bunga arguing, Nala explains that Bunga can be trying. Kiara listens to her brother's worries over the upcoming fight against Pua and Makuu. However, she is sent away so that Simba can speak to his son. Sympathetic to Kion desiring to be with her and knowing full well what it feels like to be separated from the one you love, Kiara tells him that he could possibly return to the Tree of Life one day, before informing him that she is certain their parents would understand. She goes off, but is followed by Timon and Pumbaa, whom the king has sent to baby-sit her. Fate It's likely that she matured over the months and Simba became less overbearing with this. Kiara manages to dodge them at first, but soon Janja pins her to the ground. Kiara is later seen at Kovu's banishment, and she actively protests her father's decision but is stopped by the other lionesses and silenced by Simba when she pleads for him to listen to Kovu. The two briefly play with each other and work together well in The Underground Adventure. • Remember Who You Are • This is My Home • The Rightful King Kiara asks why he couldn't come over himself, though the vulture reminds her that Janja is not welcome in the Pride Lands, and that she must meet him in the Outlands, in neutral territory. • "Shake Your Djibouti" • "Yosemite Remedy" • "The Sky is Calling" • "Mozam-Beaked" • "Ocean Commotion" She plays with him for a time, but the two are forcibly separated by Simba (accompanied by Nala, Timon, Pumbaa and two lionesses), and Kovu's mother Zira, a follower of Scar who was banished from the Pride Lands. This knowledge isn't enough to affect Simba's decision initially, but Simba allows Kovu to join on a trial basis after both Nala and Zazu remind him that by the Pride Lands' law states, they owe Kovu his debt for saving Kiara. Timon and Pumbaa comment on how great it will be to relive old times with the cub, whom they believe to be a boy.

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