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focal spirit professional headphones review

Read helpful reviews from our customers. These premium headphones are very comfortable for long listening sessions and have a great build quality thanks to a metal frame and a detachable cable. Facebook. Email. To achieve this end, it is deploying studio headphones into the race that make a good first impression in terms of aesthetics and technical capabilities. I’ve been using the Focal Spirit Professional headphones for professional use for the past few years. The extreme care paid to the design of the Mylar - Titanium alloy transducer enabled us to combine rigidity, lightness and high damping properties to preserve the … I’d searched the forums for a comparison review to no avail. Category: Headphones / Headphone Amps. The Focal Spirit One were the world's best portable headphones for a couple of years until the Beyer T51i came out in late 2014. In the meantime, we have the Spirit One mobile headphone. The $279 Focal Spirit One is affordable for a headphone designed and engineered in France (but actually made in China). Focal currently offers three Spirit series headphones: the Pro, Classic, and the model I’m reviewing here, the One S. Focal doesn’t specify whether it’s an over- or on-ear because that depends on how big your ears are. The review here will be focusing on the Focal Spirit Classic headphones, a closed-back and over-ear configuration featuring 40mm titanium/mylar transducers. 29th April 2014. The Spirit Classics are quite compact, and their closed-back design … Although portable and fairly nice, they weren't really apt for use in a home studio. Designed for musicians, sound engineers, and producers, Spirit Professional headphones give you an extremely natural and … I was very reluctant to purchase a headphone that was associated with or designed by Paul Barton because of the references I'd read about making the headphones "sound like speakers". BK 2496 master. Just one look at the Spirit One, … The Focal Elegia are above-average critical listening headphones. I recall a lot of talk about cracked headbands on the Spirit here on gearslutz. I've A/B'ed them against most of the major brands in the same price range and they are the most accurate for mixing. Details Manufacturer Focal Price £249 Contact SCV London 03301 222500 Web www.focal.com. The One S uses … Focal Spirit Professional headphones SPIRIT PRO-BLK. The Focal Spirit Classic have a distinctive design, but exactly what Focal is trying to do here is not 100 per cent clear. With the release of Elear and Utopia headphones Focal has flexed their know-how in making high-performance headphones … Sweetwater Spirit Professional Reviews. Hi-Fi Insider 20,618 views. I decided to risk buying 'unauditioned' … FOCAL Spirit Classic Headphones These headphones sound great so I won't get into that on this review. Now I know that starting with a double-negative doesn't sound like the best way to describe the positive attributes of these headphones, but believe me, when you put these on after some others you will be surprised by the clarity and "see-through" ability of these cans. Would the Spirit One headphone convey “the Spirit of Sound” that Focal professes its products embody? Fortunately, Focal has come back with a model proudly sporting the "Professional" tag that promises to … This is an exciting, high energy jazz group with horns … Want headphones for your hi-fi system at home that can also take the challenge of the daily commute? They are the closed-back variant of the similarly designed Focal Elear. The Professional Spirit - Focal Spirit Professional Review. The extreme care paid to the design of the Mylar – … The Clear Professional completes a line up of three headphones in Focal’s pro audio headphone range, the Spirit Professional being the older model and the rst venture for Focal into the pro- audio market, now complemented by a new closed back model Listen Professional, a lower cost product for general music production and the open-back Clear Professional, headphones made … Focal Spirit Professional Boy, headphone makers are having a ball: Everyone is trying to make them stylish and special. The Spirit Professionals were soon to follow and were primarily developed for use in studio monitoring and other professional environments. Scott Augustyniak. Spirit Professional headphones have been specifically designed to meet the expectations and requirements of Recording Studios, Home Studios and Broadcasting Studios. Philips Fidelio X2 / Focal Spirit Classic / Beyerdynamic Custom Studio Demo - Duration: 5:24. Retails for $349 USD More info here: http://www.focal.com/en/225-headphones Bookmark my new web site: http://audio360.org/news.php Focal Spirit Classic review Detailed, ... Our Verdict. Focal Spirit One Headphone Review - PREFACE. Weighing just 9.6 ounces, the Listen is one of the lightest sets of over-the-ear headphones I’ve tested in a long while. Add to Wishlist. These cracks were both caused by 3 months of regular use at about 6 hours a week. The Spirit One's ear cups are somewhat larger than the Bowers & … With the Focal Listen Professional, the French headphone manufacturer wants to offer high quality at an affordable price. Both the Spirit Professional and Classic are around-the-ear, sealed headphones largely of plastic construction but very nicely implemented from my perspective. MusicTech.net. Focal Elegia closed-back reference headphones on location in the Virgin Islands. Focal reportedly intends to introduce higher-end audiophile and pro-audio models, to its Hi-Fi Headphone line in the future. The Focal Spirit Professional headphones are lightweight and sound as good as you would expect a set of Focal speakers to sound! The luxurious experience of placing them on my head felt similar in quality to opening up the throttle on a high-spec BMW. Listening note: Body Blues, Daddy's Cash from the Body Blues album. They share no parts with Focal’s original, affordable Spirit headphone line—the Listen’s earcups, 40mm mylar/titanium drivers, and headband are all new. Around 5 years ago Focal released their first professional audio headphones, the Spirit Pro. Focal Spirit Classic and Professional headphones review By Bill Henderson / June 28, 2014 June 28, 2014 / Reviews / Audio, Video, TV , Headphones , iOS / 1 Comment Share. Since I knew and loved the sound of the Spirit Pro, I was extremely curious … 2014 Update: ... B&H Photo - Video - Pro Audio. Spirit Professional headphones have been specifically designed to meet the expectations and requirements of Recording Studios, Home Studios and Broadcasting Studios, and extreme care and detail went into the creation of the Mylar - Titanium alloy transducer, which combines rigidity, lightness and high damping properties to preserve the dynamics of the audio signal and to … Upgrade your studio with Focal Spirit Professional headphones. Focal responded by developing a replacement, the Focal Listen Professional. In recent years they have seen themselves venture into the portable audio market, first with the Focal Classic and now we have the Focal Spirit One which is the companies lowest priced and most portable … After 25 years’ of experience in speaker design and manufacturing, Focal … Large headphones from hifi brands like Focal are often intended to … Someone recommended this Focal Spirit Pro to me, so I bought it and was amazed by the sound. I have included 2 pictures to show the breakdown in the plastic hinge on the headphones. Ear pads are a bit stiff, I give them a C grade. The left side … In fact, it is one of the best options out there, especially at this price point! Of course all headphones, even Stax that need plug-in-the wall high-voltage tube-amplifiers, are "portable," but in this case, I'm … Arriving in a sturdy carry case that suggested quality, these headphones did not disappoint, even on the first listen out of the box. Focal’s new over-ears could be the multi-taskers for you. WhatsApp. Twitter. They are a bit rattly off the head but don't make any rattling noise on my head. Ear-pads … DISCONTINUED . Amazing sound at a great price! In this test, we look at the sound, ease of operation and scope of equipment. The promising features and years of company experience, however, make the Focal … For my average-size ears, it’s almost an over-the-ear. Focal Spirit Professional Headphones Review - Duration: 8:30. Price wise it entered the higher-end of closed back studio headphones, but never made any lasting impact due to questionable choices in headband material and a finicky fit of earpads. Ear-pads are protein leather covered memory foam and ear-cup dimensions are a little on the small size. CATEGORY: Headphones; PRODUCT DESCRIPTION; SPECIFICATIONS; REVIEWS; CUSTOM TAB; REFERENCE STUDIO HEADPHONES. The review here will be focusing on the Focal Classic headphones, a closed-back and over-ear configuration featuring 40mm titanium/mylar transducers. Add to cart. Nov 14, 2013 - Retails for $349 USD More info here: http://www.focal.com/en/225-headphones Bookmark my new web site: http://audio360.org/news.php Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Tags: Focal, Headphones. A known issue came up, though, because of its headband. Detailed, dynamically good, and compact cans that require a touch more ‘oomph’ for a full star set. Several years ago, they launched themselves headfirst into the Personal Audio community with great success producing audiophile headphones that range from the humble Spirit and Spark IEM to the state of the art universal favorite and recognized industry leader for dynamic headphones, the Utopia. (Focal inside ear-cup dimensions 48mm X 38mm, Sennheiser Momentum is 48mm X 34mm). The Focal Spirit Professional cans are the least congested sounding headphones I've ever heard. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for FOCAL Spirit Professional Closed-Back Over-Ear Circum-Aural Studio Headphones (Black) at Amazon.com. Review An assessment, critique or buying guide of a service, product, or creative endeavour such … I would give this 5 stars on sound quality but the headphones have horrible durability. Best Buy has honest and unbiased customer reviews for Focal - Spirit Professional Over-the-Ear Studio Headphones - Black. A quick search may help you with a solution (I haven't read all posts on these threads): Focal Professional launches Spirit Professional headphones. Description; Reviews (0) Reference Studio Headphones. I was attracted to the Spirit Professional Headphones due to their tonal neutrality being the general consensus of several reviews and the fact that Focal had designed them as professional monitor phones. Now I've not listened … Telegram. A little over a year ago, the French brand Focal, well-known for its range of speakers, introduced its first pair of headphones: Spirit One. The Focal Spirit … Focal Spirit Professional Headphones Review. Focal Spirit headphones poorly designed Focal Spirit Pro … We check out Focal’s latest headphones, the very snazzy Spirit Professionals… Advertisement. The 4.6-foot-long, user-replaceable cable has a single-button remote and a separate mic closer … At a modest price of $599 localy, the Classic shares competition with the Master & Dynamic MH40, MW60 and V-Moda Wireless Crossfade headphones. In any case, it’s a closed-back design and does a decent job of blocking external noise. Focal have been in the high end of audio for more than 30 years now and currently make some truly outstanding speakers. If you’re looking for a portable headphone with an even and natural sound, I highly … Carson McClain . October 2012 Headphone reviews Focal Reviews Audio Reviews All Reviews. Well, with its arrival at my door, I was definitely eager to find out. Now they have launched a very unique headphone amplifier/DAC/preamp, the Focal … Overall, the Focal Listen Professional headphone is a great option both for mixers looking for a closed-back reference headphone, as well as those looking for a high performing headphone to take on the go. 8:30. This implies that Spirit Professionals would 'let the music speak for itself', rather than try to introduce character or fireworks artificially. With over 30 years of experience creating loudspeakers and studio monitors, Focal brings their first set of audiophile-quality headphones to the market with Spirit Professional.

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