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A Guide to Creating an Art Deco Ambience in your Lounge


If you are totally in love with Art Deco and would like to turn your lounge into a 1920s look, you have come to the right place, as we offer a few tips on how to capture that bold, geometric ambience in your living room.


Start with planning 

If you want an Art Deco space in your home, start by drawing up a plan; you can shop Art Deco wallpaper online in AU and a nice red carpet would be perfect. Choose furniture carefully, while Art Deco lighting is easy to find online. Draw up a large floorplan and start labelling items; measure to scale and before you know it, you have a master plan of the room.


Wall art

Find an Australian supplier of fine wall art and browse their collection of Art Deco prints to find a few that are perfect and complement the setting. Lighting is important and Art Deco light fittings are fashionable at the moment; whether you want genuine antiques or replicas, Google is your best friend when it comes to sourcing Art Deco items.

Cost the project

Once your master plan is complete, you can crunch the numbers and come up with an all-inclusive figure. If you are doing the work, you’ll save a fortune on labour costs and YouTube hosts home improvement video tutorials, which show you step-by-step how to do a job. If you are going to hire a local contractor, show them your plan and they can quote for the project. A single room can be completed in a few days, especially with a team on the go.

Online solutions

Everything you could possibly need for a lounge revamp can be found online; Google can take you to a top-rated wallpaper supplier with a catalogue of Art Deco wallpaper, while furniture can also be found with the online antique dealer. You can spend time visiting local flea markets, looking for ornaments and old things that clean up.

Final Thoughts

Once your living room is finished, you can start thinking about another room, perhaps the kitchen and set about creating another floorplan. After a few years, your interior will look like it has been frozen in time.


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