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7 Ways To Jazz Up Any Regular Burger


The burger, perhaps one of the worlds most famous foods and one which is eaten on a regular basis by many households. Of course, the most popular burger variety remains the hamburger, but as the popularity of the burger has grown you can now get your hands on a seemingly infinite number of burger variations. Exotic patties, all kinds of fillings, different types of bun or no bun in some cases. You can now even buy a vegan burger that bleeds.

So if a good old burger is a regular in your household but you’re interested in perhaps trying something a little different then here are 7 spins on the classic burger.

  1. The breakfast 

    Although burgers are traditionally eaten for either lunch or dinner the breakfast burger makes burger eating truly an all-day occasion. Simply add a few rashers of smokey bacon and a fried egg atop a traditional beef patty and top with a muffin bun for this morning version of the classic. The breakfast burger is a versatile one, so if this doesn’t tickle your fancy then simply add in some of your other favorite breakfast ingredients such as mushrooms, hashbrown or even swap the beef for a sausage patty.


  2. The mac and cheese 

    Oh yes, you read that correctly a mac and cheese burger bun. The mac and cheese bun is just like your regular bun. It can be packed with whatever you usually like to fill your burger with.  It will then be encased in crispy deep-fried macaroni cheese in place of the regular bread. You can make the macaroni cheese using a box mix or yourself from scratch if you prefer. You just want to make sure that you refrigerate the mixture until it is firm and can be easily shaped into a bun for the patties before being coated it in breadcrumbs and deep-fried.

  3. The queso fresco 

    The queso fresco burger is made by its unique, creamy queso fresco sauce. A combination of cheese, chili and garlic, queso fresco is a lighter sauce. This sauce goes with Mexican flavors such as fresh cilantro and the heat of fresh chili. Why not try topping a beef patty with a fresh pico de gallo, sprinkle of cilantro and a generous drizzle of queso fresco sauce? Or for even more Mexican flavors add in a couple of tortilla chips for crunch and a drizzle of guacamole.


  4. The Greek 

    Impress your guests at a dinner party with this burger alternative. The greek burger is a delicious healthier take on the classic beef. Swap out the beef for lean minced lamb seasoned generously with cumin, coriander, salt and pepper and then top with fresh lettuce and a taziki sauce made from cucumber, greek yogurt and mint. Use low-fat greek yogurt and extra lean lamb mince to keep the fat content down and swap out the traditional burger bun for a wholewheat alternative for some added fiber.


  5. The bleeding vegan 

    The Beyond Burger has been hailed as the closest available meatless alternative to the real meat and has fooled many a meat-eater with its blood-like juices. Packed with over 20g of pea protein the Beyond Burger not only tastes like the real thing but is nutritionally dense too. Top with all your usual toppings such as lettuce, tomato, cheese and mayonnaise (in vegan form of course) for a fully plant-based burger experience.


  6. The portabello bun 

    For those needing to eat a lower-carb diet or a gluten-free alternative to the bread bun, the portabello bun burger fits the bill. Simply remove the black grills from some bun sized portabello mushrooms and season them with oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Grill, cap side down for about 8 minutes before turning. Use in place of your usual bun. Juicy, healthy and surprisingly meaty, portabello mushrooms are an easy healthy alternative.


  7. The Katsu Chicken 

    Who would have thought that everyone’s favorite Japanese curry could be made in burger form? Start with crispy, panko-crumbed chicken breast. Top with creamy katsu mayonnaise, fresh radishes, spring onion and shredded lettuce packs a delicious curry punch. Serve in a brioche bun for maximum flavor. Add a fresh zesty salad on the side to cut through those heavy creamy flavors. This katsu chicken recipe also works great with firm tofu. Simply swap out the chicken for the tofu and use a vegan mayonnaise katsu sauce for a fully vegan alternative. 


Do any of these ideas get your taste buds excited?  Perhaps someone in your family would love to try one of these new recipes. Do you have a great burger recipe you would like to share?  Let us know.

Thanks for stopping by today. See you soon!


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