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6 Home & Garden Trends For 2019


Have you considered using your outdoor space more but just didn’t know where to start? If you’re in the mood to renovate your property, you might be considering not just overhauling the inside, but also the outside too. The Home & Garden trends for 2019 is refreshing both the garden and the interior. This not only gives you space inside to relax but also a pleasant outdoor space to spend time relaxing in the warmer months, which are fast approaching.

Outdoor lighting

We’ve certainly been enjoying hotter summers of late, and with the weather being particularly balmy so far, you may wish to create a garden the easily transitions from morning to night. Outdoor lighting will give your garden an elegant sophistication when the sun begins to set, and are perfect when you’re hosting barbeques or outdoor gatherings. USA, LLC

Modernizing old features

Gone are the days when replacing old windows and doors required a hard-to-find specialist. Now, if you have old period features in your home, it’s much easier to find a match-for-match replacement, using either original or new materials. For example, if you have sash windows and don’t want to continue with single-glazed versions that let out too much heat, then visiting will help you find some central-heating friendly options.


A vegetable garden

Growing fruit and vegetables in your own garden are increasing with the popularity of late – just as was the case back during the Second World War. Some attribute this trend in going home-grown to the rise in veganism, with many choosing to grow part of their plant-based diet in their own back yard. The best way to grow a vegetable patch from scratch is to start with easy plants such as tomatoes and lettuce and move up to plants that require much more attention such as cucumbers.
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The 70s, but Scandi

Many cringe when they think back to the days of 70s fashion. Ugly mustard and brown tones haunted many people’s living rooms and kitchens well beyond the decade, and are now often ripped out when a renovation is due. However, the Scandinavians have utilized the best features of this decade, but incorporating bold prints and muted oranges into a broader, more simplistic cold palette.

Velvet luxury

Velvet is making its way into the home, with velvet sofas now being the desired item in many people’s living rooms. If a velvet sofa seems a little too much, then consider upgrading your room with a few velvet cushions, or even velvet-clad ornaments to add a luxuriously soft touch.

Kitsch garden furniture

Until now, garden furniture has tried to sit relatively unnoticed among plants and other garden features, remaining in sensible, muted tones only. However, bold and snazzy prints are creeping into garden furniture design, which could see your outdoor tables and chairs resembling some of your indoor pieces.

In 2019, old and new are being seamlessly blending together. The new features are being used to tone down old designs we’d now consider to be dated and unappealing.

Whether you decide to purchase a velvet armchair or start growing your own vegetables, 2019 is looking to be a much brighter year, indoors and outdoors.

I hope these ideas are ones that you can use in your home & garden. With the warmer weather ahead there is lots of time to enjoy the outdoors.

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