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5 Stylish Ways To Give Your Home A Rustic Feel

Modern homes are all the rage in 2017. It seems every homeowner wants the latest gadgets and gizmos to give their property a contemporary feel.

Although there is nothing wrong with modern houses, they do lack character.

Let’s face it – everything can be unoriginal and sanitized. Plus, they can also lack the cozy factor.

A home should be warm and comfy all year round, but especially in winter.

No, new styles and trends are not for everyone as some people prefer throwbacks.

A rustic look is definitely a throwback, like an old-school farmhouse in the country.

The problem is perfecting the style can be troublesome as the elements must have a certain feel.

Thankfully, you have come to the right place because this post has a few tricks which it’s ready to share.

Here’s what you need to know to turn a house into a rustic home.

Shop Decor Steals

Shop Second Hand

There are two reasons to buy household items from charity shops and goodwill stores.

The first is the cost. On average, a chest of drawers or a trunk costs half the price than it would on the high street.

After all, it’s not new and the store isn’t trying to get the maximum amount. Secondly, almost everything in a charity shop is old.

The thing about creating a rustic home is getting the timeline right.

A brand new fridge isn’t going to work because it is too fresh. However, a retro one evokes memories of American diners in the 60s.

A refrigerator is just one example but there are lots of other alternatives which are often easy to find in goodwill stores.

A tip: avoid places which deal in antiques as they are expensive.


Mix It Up

Don’t worry – the house can still be rustic without being archaic.

The problem with being old-school is that your home becomes less practical. Sadly, this makes life harder, which isn’t a feature of the best homes.

The trick is to focus on the areas which are unimportant or unnecessary. For example, a thermostat or smart meter is essential as it saves money and regulates the temperature of the house.

But, an older generation boiler is fine as long it works and is energy efficient. Lots of “old” furnaces are practical; you just have to figure out which one.

The great thing about a boiler is that it stands out and acts as a focal point.

DIY Faux Brick Backsplash

Do It Yourself

New houses don’t have personality because they don’t reflect the owner. Gadgets are all well and good, yet they feel robotic and mechanical. Most people are neither of these things, which is why it’s essential to stamp your authority on the place.

One way to do it is DIY.

Doing household tasks and renovations alone is a sure-fire way to add character because it is a representation of the whole family.

Do you have a hobby, or do your partner and children? If so, use it to decorate.

Paintings and drawings are fantastic ways to add a rustic element as they are raw and unrefined. Music and travel are two additional examples to consider.

Keep It Bare

People see minimal houses as cold, but that isn’t always the case.

As long as you choose the right features, it’s possible to fill space with a handful of pieces.

Think of a New York loft as the ultimate inspiration. Usually, these apartments have things such as paint tins for lampshades and old coke bottles for plant pots.

Again, they are quite crude and that makes the style very rustic. But, because they are creative, they stand out and fill space as well as big pieces of furniture. They are also warm and cozy.

To take it further, consider uncovering pipes. You might want to speak to professional and licensed plumbers first, but it should be fine as long as you don’t move anything.

Metal pipes are reminiscent of the Victorian era, which is about as rustic as a home gets.

Photo: Pro Flowers               DIY String Garden

Use Natural Materials

Nothing says raw more than living things. Fear not because no one is going to ask you to fill the house with creepy crawlies.

However, you can use plants and soil to great effect.

Plus, there are health benefits as plants absorb CO2 and produce oxygen. Also, don’t forget to use stones and pebbles.

Dead materials also work well if you are a fan of fur. Anyone who is an animal lover can swap real fur for faux and still get the same result.


Now that the winter is here, there’s no better time to create a rustic home.

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